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    Tear into your problematic challenge and solve by bits

    Problems come to us suddenly and some times the challenges are plenty and we are unable to cope up with the time and thus result in failure and even down with no strength to move further. Never mind. Problems are bound to occur and bound to happen but we must have the niche to solve the same bit by bit. If we progress in that way, we are nearing to the solution of the problem and even have the confidence to advise others and take the next problem. So have the courage to move with great confidence and never go down or lost in the task,
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    The author us right to say if several problems occur at a time we should not be baffled and should keep ourselves cool and should deal each problem separately and try to solve them one by one.

    It's a fact that we can't face all the challenges and problems simultaneously. We should keep all problems in our sight and weigh magnitude of each of them and should prioritise them accordingly. We take can help of other people as well to find the solution of each problem.
    Some people who don't have courage are baffled and lose all hopes to find the solution. Such people deteriorate their situation quite pathetic. Disappointment or hopelessness cause failure. Upholding courage and keeping patience in all untoward circumstances is essential while facing problems.

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    Problems come and go in everyone's life. Every person has their own problems. Some people fear these obstacles and stop and do not try to overcome them. The result is that problems increase further. While some people continue to fight the problems and reach their goals. Problems will continue to come in life also. But, we do not have to stop, keep moving forward. Only then will we reach our goal. If you continue to move forward, problems will also be found. If we wait for the problems to end, life will never be happy. It is better that we keep moving forward. The experience of elderly people can save us from major problems, that's why we should keep consulting elders from time to time. Sometimes it happens that the problems are not as big as we make them.

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    One cannot eat a 1kg cake at once but if it is cut into pieces then it can be eaten in a few days after storing in a refrigerator. Similarly, problems come into our lives, many times unexpectedly. We must try and face the same and try to solve it by analyzing it and breaking it into pieces as suggested by the author. When the challenge or problem is faced bit by bit it will surely end in a matter of time but if we try to solve it in a day, we may face failure or a bigger setback.
    So, treat your problems as a big cake, eat it piece by piece every day, and surely it will end, and don't try to eat the entire cake in a day or an upset tummy or stomach ache is guaranteed.

    Live before you leave.

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    I would request the author to rectify the typo in the title of this thread where the word has to be 'problematic' and not the one that is mentioned.

    The solution to a problem has to be found but when we face many problems at a time we remain confused. If there is confusion, it will create a lot of difficulties to move forward. Like any difficult task, we need to find a solution to a complex problem step-by-step. After finding a solution to the first part we can go to the next part. The important thing is to remain calm while dealing with many problems. Our attention should be to solve the problems and not to think too much about the problems. This will reduce the complexities and help us to think about the solution.


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    Thanks Sankalan, the mistake which was pointed out has been rectified.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The journey of life is not an easy path. There are bottlenecks, challenges, setbacks, and many problems encountered in this journey and very few of us who are courageous and brave can tread ahead smoothly. Problems will come but solutions have to be found out by taking the challenges in the correct and positive perspectives. Avoiding the problems would never help us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Analysing the problem and finding out the area where the problem exists is very important by attacking those problematic areas one by one. When we say we have some ill health and go to the doctor, he will ask us various questions, examine us and if necessary get some tests performed and then identify the root cause and give you the medicine. This is how we have to approach a problem and solve it.
    We should not get anxious when there is a problem. We should try to understand the problem and then take the corrective action. Otherwise, we can't come out of the problem successfully.
    There may be many problems. But don't worry, take up one problem at a time and analyse that calmy and solve it and then attempt another problem. Otherwise, you may end with many unsolved problems only.

    always confident

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