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    Good to see new service sector businesses boom like never before..

    Almost two and a half decades ago, the name "beauty parlors" was given to small establishments and the pace of development of the business was rather slow in the beginning. Not any more. Today, even the slightly bigger villages in Tamil Nadu and AP have herbal beauty parlors. This business has now come of age since the young have taken to grooming in a very serious way. In the metro cities, it is a big business and bridal make-up is a very costly affair. For a three hour work, the charges are anywhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000/-. And now comes event management as well. Some costly weddings are entrusted to event managers who manage everything except the food and the finer part of the rituals. The stage is decorated beautifully as well.

    And we also have several other service sector businesses growing rapidly. Housewives who can prepare a little more are grouped under someone who manages an app. The housewife gets to earn Rs.15,000 per month. A variety of options have opened up for conducted tours at discount prices. The laundry business is not far behind. They collect the clothes from our doorstep and get it superbly delivered. One does not have to spend time on this.

    Of course, the IT professionals are those who keep these businesses going, at least to the tune of 75%. However, IT is bound to keep growing and the post-COVID situation is likely to only see a big boom. We are in for exiting times.
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    The author has highlighted some professions people are doing. Beauty parlour has taken its root quite deeply. No marriage can be held without taking their services. It's essential for girl going their for their make up and all that necessary things to beautify them. These parlour take high charges for their work.

    Also event management is going on in full swing especially in cities. The author has written about too. I'm talking about these people who take the contract of marriage functions. They arrange catering, decoarations, lights, music, all arrangement to welcome guests, arrangement of stage for bride and bridegroom, contacting any celebrity for dancing/singing in marriage function on demand etc. Their charges go up as per requirements of arrangement.

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    True. There is a very good scope for service sector as on date. The service sector is getting on to its peak. All IT companies are in the service sector only. In Hyderabad, I have seen some small establishments for food catering works. They cook food in their house and supply to the people in their area and the costs are very attractive. During the lockdown periods many people who can't cook got the service from such people. Now it has become a regular affair. Old couples who can't cook food on their own are getting from such people.
    Another service is the housekeeping. There are some companies who depute their manpower and get it done. Many people where both wife and husband are employed and can't find time for housekeeping will depend on these people. Monthly once or twice as required they will arrange for that for a very reasonable price. Like this, there are many activities cob=vered under this sector.

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    There is enough scope in the service sectors once the corona phase is over. However, we can see some upward trend in the service sectors with the improvement of business of IT sectors. With the further growth in the IT sectors, more employees are to be inducted in this field. Their comfortable salaries would generate the jobs event management, cooking, laundry and many more.
    In metro cities, we can see the job opportunities even for the housewives by taking up the cooking jobs to meet the extra demand of the customers for such services. The housewives even take up the job of nursery by taking care of babies of such parents having constraints of times. They can run coaching classes for the kids up to class seven providing guidance in their weak areas. Needless to say, there is tremendous scope in the service sector provided some sections of the societies enjoy decent salaries.

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    This lock down and aftermath has given wide opportunity for the service sectors and those who are connected with beauty and make up small time business are most sought after as the house holds are asking them to visit for home service and some beauticians have registered with the social on line site called Urban clap through which salon services, beauty enhancing services, age defying services and above all the bridal makeup. Good that many who are sulking and having low business even during the good period previously are now getting more than required orders and thus much money is made in short period. Though the marriages have gone thin with limited guests. other expenses are the same to maintain the tempo and feeling of the marriage and thus the on line service sector has been booming and showering money.
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    True, in the actual essence we have become a bit more sensitive, intelligent as well as lazy. Housewives who were managing most of the small parts of works like laundry and management during functions have now made it a business as many started praising them for their elicit decorations.
    A few housewives who had good hands in preparing recipe started to get catering orders at their doorstep. The educated are earning lesser than the people who are supporting them with small tits and bits of work. Time constraints of employees working in an office for more than eight to ten hours can earn only 50% of the income of break through workers, who just work on hourly basis.

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