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    How good is Chandrasekhar Rao's Charisma?

    The BJP's win in Telangana should not be seen as a one-off thing. It is just a bypoll, but the party should not win the State. The BJP will do anything to do what it wants to do. Like what happened in Bihar.

    India, particularly South India, has no role in any communal narrative. No party should seek votes on the basis of religion. Without stating the obvious, that one party for which this is their bread and butter agenda, should not grow in South India.

    Now, how good is Mr.Rao's Charisma? After all, Telengana has developed so well and Hyderabad is the number one city in terms of good living. It is the most beautiful city in India. How can Mr. Rao ensure that his party stays powerful and how can he stop the advent of a party that can divide people on the basis of religion?
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    I don't know very much about the politics in south India though, but I have heard about Mr Rao that he is a good politician.
    It's good to know that religion is not used in politics in this part of India and people understand their core issues and use their vote accordingly.

    Some parties polarize the votes of people to win the elections at any cost. They take sensitive issues like religion, caste etc. but the question is which party does not want to come in power. They see all options to mobilize the folk in their favour. Everything is fair in politics. You can't expect morality from them. Politicians are opportunist. Singling out BJP is not correct. Almost all parties have their vote bank and they do whatever they can do to keep it intact at any cost.
    We experience how caste wise tickets are distributed in other parts of the country is known to all. It's just to win the elections.

    I think those rulers should be elected who think and act for the people and the development of the state and the country. People should use their reasoning power before they are carried away by sensitive issues.

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    As Mr.KCR played a very prominent role in Telangana state formation, he got a successful person's image in the eyes of the Telangana people. So he was able to get victories in elections after elections. Other than this he is a very good charismatic speaker and orator, he speaks in such a language that mesmerize anybody. It is not that easy for either BJP or Congress to dislodge him immediately. As he is becoming old, KCR wants his son Mr.KTR to be established in the CM post. He is waiting for the right opportunity to make him sit on the seat. BJP has got little influence in Hyderabad city but not in rural areas. In course of time because of the incumbency factor, the opposition may take the upper hand and then he may face problems. But the time being there is no such great problem for him. Soon the Telangana state undergoing local body elections and these elections give a clear picture of the present status of his party in public.

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    After the partition of any major state, the newly created state often faces challenges. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao is the first Chief Minister of Telangana. After coming out of Telangana state of Andhra Pradesh, he came to power and played his role well. Politics is an important role in the development of any state and development is certain if all the politicians abandon their selfishness and think about the state's interest.

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    When we see a hill from a long distance we feel they are very smooth. But when we go near only we will understand how is that hill. You can asl the persons staying in Telangana about his ruling. The development of Hyderabad is not because of him. It happened when the AP is united. Many leaders contributed to the development of Hyderabad. Telangana is having very good financial stability. But now the debts are very high. What is happening to that money nobody knows. He is a very famous word twister. Today he will say something but tomorrow he will do the opposite to that. The way he commented on the AP people who settled in Hyderabad before the division of the state is very damaging. I don't think that BJP will not come to power in Telangana. TRS may get into power. There may be some reduction in the majority. TRS also is having a soft corner towards a particular religion.
    always confident

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    If BJP could win the just concluded bye election, it was for two reasons that the candidate was known and educated and people would love him to elect. and there was a goof up at EC when it gave a symbol to a Independent candidate which looked like car symbol and that vote loss of 3500 made the TRS to suffer the loss. Nevertheless the win is the win and even with one vote win the parties has to concede to the winnable candidate. As regards to KCR popularity and growth , he is undisputed leader so far as there is no formidable opposition to take on him. Like Modi for sure in the central. KCR is sure for this state.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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