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    Growing discipline among students

    Discipline is necessary for all walks of life No house or school or office can run if there is no discipline. Indiscipline entails confusion, chaos and disorder. Discipline is indispensable for dispensation too. But nowadays we see that we are lacking in discipline. The crux of the matter is that indiscipline has taken its root in educational institutions also. This is the worst sign for the society and the country as well. School is the place where students learn discipline. When they are surrounded by indiscipline they can't study. Abusive language, disrespect towards teachers, fighting in school/college/university campus, insisting on copying in the examination, ragging, strikes by students, etc. can be commonly seen among students. But only students can't be blamed for this indiscipline. Parents, teachers, college/university management, lacking in value-based education, lack of supervision, political interference etc all factors pushing them towards indiscipline.

    Youth is the future of the country and it's very powerful and energetic force. Almost half of India is replete with young people. But nowadays these students are misled by Influential personalities including politicians who use them for their gains or party's welfare. Several rival groups can be seen in every university and these groups have an alliance to a political party or are the political wing of different political parties. I watched a video of a famous university in U.P. Two students-groups were fighting each other. They were beating each other with sticks and clubs at the gate of the University campus. What a disgusting language they were using for each other while fighting shocked me. Is this future of our country?
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    @Saji Ganesh:
    Sir, plz make a correction in the title of this thread "Growing indiscipline among students".
    I can't do correction in my threads. This problem I have been facing for a few months.

    Actually I typed indiscipline but this Grammarly is a bit confused.

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    Indiscipline is there in every area and in almost all activities.
    As we all know that many of us never have traffic discipline. We never follow traffic rules and their ultimate aim is to travel fast. We never care for the safety of the co-passengers. They don't have any respect for rules. In the same way, we will see indiscipline everywhere. Even when we go to a place of worship, people are not having the patience to stay in the line for the Darshan. Indiscipline has become an integral part of the system. This is mainly due to the political system and politicians. A politician will try to protect a culprit if he offers him some ransom. So people are thinking that if we have money everything will come to our doorsteps. So they are trying to earning money and they never think about discipline. Indiscipline in students will cause a lot of loss to society. So parents, teachers and all others including politician should see that discipline in educational institutions is maintained very well. Then the whole system will get disciplined.

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    It is an authentic fact that without discipline, man cannot achieve his objective. This is most needed in the student's life because only the qualities and qualities developed at this time go ahead and build his future. But if they walk on the path of indiscipline, they soon get caught in the vicious cycle of misogyny and get distracted from the path of truth and justice. In the era of increasing competition, people are living very busy lives due to which parents are unable to give the desired time to their children. Due to this, there is increasing dissatisfaction among children, causing indiscipline to go home quickly. Similarly, some students in the school get frustrated when they fail the exam or any competition. Discipline can be controlled by giving a good education and a proper environment. This requires collective efforts so that the students can move towards a bright future.

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    First of all, due to pandemic issue the cultural, educational and developments of a country in its regular essence is hindered. People are struggling to protect their lives then we can hold responsible for the duties unperformed. If we do not even exist, how can we ask them or blame them. Each person is walking through the difficult paths of life due to corona, natural calamaties. Most families have lost many of their members, assets and animals on whose support they managed their livelihood.
    Discipline has to be only considered for people who are moving out without following the rules like usage of masks and social distancing laid by the Government.
    Thus, it is the time to co-operate and save our citizens and save children too. Once the system sets right, we have to bring students back step by step. It is not going to happen in a day nor by a single person, it is a team work.

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    A child learns what she/he observes. Since children do not have the sense to judge which is acceptable and which is not they have to be taught about it. Making them aware of what is acceptable/unacceptable, discipline/indiscipline is the responsibility of the parents as well as teachers. There are a few parents who think that it is the responsibility of the teachers to discipline students but parents are also equally responsible. Whenever students indulge in indisciplined behaviour, parents and teachers have to equally warn them and rectify their behaviour. What we see in many cases are many parents and teachers do not tell students to behave in a certain way since they themselves do not behave in that way. There are cases where it is reported that parents are agitating along with students because students are not promoted in the qualifying test prior to the board exams. In his response, Dr Rao has mentioned an important aspect of money, that people think can save them in any situation. It is seen almost everywhere that whenever there are some unfair means taking place others try to cover it up by paying an amount to the authorities. The youths are watching this at random and they think it is usual to remain indisciplined and carry on with their regular activities. I think students are unable to find someone who will guide them and hence many remain indisciplined.

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    A teacher can teach efficiently when the child are visible right in front of him. They also learn from their friends, classmates and other students in the school, that motivates them to move towards positive direction. We can observe that most students are set back in studies and are willing to come to school, they would like to play and learn which is a lost thought as well as difficult to impliment in the present situations.
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    You seem to be disturbed because of the pandemic which has affected people's lives. You mean to say until the pandemic is over we should not discuss such issues and after the pandemic, we can find out the solution of problem 'indiscipline among students' step by step. In the mean time, we should not touch this topic.

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