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    Human Sacrifice- a heinous crime

    Yesterday news was published in a local newspaper that a 6 years old child was killed by a married couple. News of murder is common news in the newspaper and we are accustomed to reading such news casually. But this killing of a child is not common news. It's the case of human-sacrifice. Killing for human-sacrifice is not a common incident but such incident do happen in our society.
    What does instigate these people to kill a child? How they can be so cruel? These killers have never been a criminal in past nor have any criminal record in any police station. They are among common people. They live among us. But what happens to them that they get themselves prepared to kill a small child. How a common man can commit such a heinous crime that merely a thought whereof surges waves of chilling in our body.
    This couple has been caught by the police. According to police, they committed this crime because they have no kids. They Purchased a book of magic in which it was written that if they sacrifice a child they can be parents of a baby.
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    Murder is a major crime that is not only criminal but also morally wrong. God has given this life to us and he has the right to end this life. Nowadays the increasing cases of murder are telling that people are considering themselves more than the divine power. People have neither fear of justice or law nor of humanity. Such incidents are losing faith in humanity, that is why people look at good people with suspicion. The whole world cannot be wrong, but due to the wrong antics of some people, the atmosphere of fear is increasing in the world.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    No human being is supposed to kill another human being. Not only human beings, but even killing animals is also not acceptable. No animal will kill another animal without any reason. But human beings kill others for no reason. Many superstitions are existing in society and they are the reasons for these human sacrifices. Even in this age of science and technology if people are resorting to such bad practices, we should not pardon such people.
    Another reason for these killings is money. There is some news where a person killed his brother so that he need not share his father's property among the two. Similarly, there was a piece of news where a person killed an innocent girl to snatch the gold that girl is wearing. There are some incidents where a person killing a girl as she has not accepted his proposal.
    These are the cruel acts of human beings out of selfishness. All human beings should wish that all should be good and we should also be there in all. But how many people think like this?

    always confident

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    The news was not only shocking and evokes outrage among the parents as many are praying God for bearing a child and this news speak about child sacrifice which need to be condemned and stopped. In olden days there used to be specialized gangs who are on the look of wealth of kings being stashed under ground and through human sacrifices such wealth could be retrieved. Even these days we come across the fact from remote AP villages wherein the hunt for stashed wealth is on and even the monks and pontiffs are engaged to retrieve the wealth but nothing happens and they are caught by the police for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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