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    A silent social worker

    Social service is a great and praiseworthy activity. Several people who are social workers have dedicated themselves to the service of the people. I salute them for their great service to the human race. Many of them are known to us. But some of them are working quite silently. Their great service for this society is not known to all. Only a few people know about them. I happened to know about a silent social worker who has established a Food Bank. He supplies all necessary things like flour, pulses, rice, oil, salt, gas and some cash etc every month to extreme poor old people who neither can earn nor have any support. A few of his friends donate his food bank. When I came to know about the great work I met him. This person has impressed me.
    I found him sincere in his efforts. He doesn't want any praise from people. He is utterly dedicated to this cause. He told me that he asked some people to support his food bank and give their share in this social service but most of them only once or twice gave him some money and then they turned their faces. He said that he'd debt on his head but he's doing this work.
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    We are human and our first value is to introduce humanity. But the direction society is going today, on seeing it, it feels that there is a lack of humanity in mankind and a lack of selfishness. But there are some people in the society who continue to introduce humanity through social service. At the same time, the people of society also teach the lesson of humanity, there is no greater work in life than social service. Every citizen of society must take time for social service along with their social and family obligations.

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    There are many such workers who work without any advertisement Their ultimate aim is to help the required and they will do that. They never want anything in return.
    In our high school, there was a Telugu teacher. He was never married. He used to live a very simple life. Always used to wear Khadi dress only. He used to stay alone and cook food on his own. He used to donate 50% of his earnings to poor students who were not in a position to purchase books and other requirements to study in the school. He used to select poor students and teach them separately without taking any fees. He used to donate like this through our his life. Many students got help from him and today also those people remember as their God. He never took anything in return from anybody. If still, he had money he used to give medicines to the poor family as per their requirement. We should salute such people and try to follow them and help needy.

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    Silent social workers are rare nowadays. Most of the people do charitable work only when cameras flash and videos are being recorded. There are many people in good position or having good amount of money who do it and we view it in the social media or newspapers or even in TV. People praise them for their donating sprees. But they are all actually doing more pomp and show for their donations then to help the needy ones. In such a situation to hear about someone who is doing it selflessly is something really great and adorable. These are the few due to whom humanity is still surviving in this planet.
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