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    The discipline of women's life, why so difficult?

    Often we are taught to live life with discipline, that is, make your own time table and work accordingly, discipline is the key to life by being timely on every task. But in most families, this discipline remains confined to men only.

    Suppose, In a family, both a woman and a man are of equal age and if both of them want to do yoga or meditation first thing in the morning, then scheduling is easy for the men but it is not so simple for the woman because every member would expect for their work by the woman, and women leave their all work for members and start the day in the service of their family members and in the same way she ended her day.

    This does not happen in every family in today's era, but even today in most of the families of our country, the condition of women is the same and their life only goes according to the family members only.

    And in the end, it is said that women are less disciplined than men, how fair is it?
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    Women are more disciplined than men. They will have a time table for their household works. If her son has to go to school by starting at 7.30 AM, she has to start her work by 5.00 AM. She will never delay this work for even 5 minutes. After working in the office, her husband may relax somewhere for some time before coming home. But she will not have any chance to relax even for 5 minutes. She has to make food for kids and she has to wait for his arrival. But in this bargain, she will not give importance for her personal issues. That is the sacrifice she is doing. We can't say that she is not disciplined.
    Because of the family problems sometimes she even can't take food on time. But even her husband and children also never recognise her attitude and appreciate her. This is very unfortunate. All our epics say Mother is the first God to all human beings. How can we say she is not disciplined?

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    I agree with Dr. Rao's message. A women's life can be changed by the family members as suggested by author, but how many of the family members really make an attempt to think on similar lines? It may not be possible sometimes or may be manageable few days of the week.
    Women are the best organisers at home, have a good memory, observation, time management skills that being the reason why other members can maintain their discipline, timeliness at busy work schedules.

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    Women's life is not easy. It is a very difficult task for her to maintain a disciplined life. In most of the families, women have to sacrifice her work for the sake of the family. She has to take care of every family member and every member would have high expectation from her. Nowadays, women playing a double role. She is not only earning money but managing all household work. She is considered as single caretaker of house. So, it would be wrong to say that she is not disciplined.

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    Who says that women are indisciplined? Nobody can say. If someone says he is wrong. He must be a misogynist. Women work a lot. What a man works in his home, nothing except passing orders.

    A woman gets up early while others are still asleep. Prepares tea then brings tea to all members of the family. Then prepares breakfast, bathe children if they can't bathe themselves, gets them ready for school. Washes clothes, Cleans utensils, home, then lunch, evening tea, dinner and so on. All this bunch of household chores can't be done until a woman is disciplined.

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    I do agree that the the work load for the women in our country is more and she should be sensible enough to manage the task with firm planning and must take out time for herself and be with the family yet and that kind time management was expected from all. I have seen the women attending to morning chores of the kitchen, making ready the child for the school. preparing to send off the husband for the office and all these happens in sequence and she sometimes fault and get reprimanded also by the husband and in laws. In between she has to see the basics of elders at home and by the time she wants to relax and take rest, the other works would be waiting to be attended. Sometimes I feel that many house wives are working round the clock all over the years and we are not respecting their free time nor giving them the free time.
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