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    There is a deep connection between a healthy body and positive thinking.

    Positive thinking is the key to living the life you want. The present age is the age of fast life. Here everyone is seen running. The reason behind this is that every person wants to leave others behind and move ahead on his own. Due to the thinking of this competition, he starts suffering from mental depression. People with pessimistic thinking have a quick effect of negative activity, which causes activities to intensify in a particular part of their brain. Due to this movement, their ability to resist diseases is weakened. For those who have positive thinking, the arteries of their body remain alert and alert due to happiness. Old and old have told the truth that what one thinks, thoughts, and thoughts also start going in the same direction. A good way to deal with adverse situations is to work with positive and winning thoughts.
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    Rightly said by the author as the body and health plays important role in our thought process daily and the thinking would be positive if the health permits our body and mind to act in tandem. If we are confronted with the illness and disease we cannot concentrate on other works and challenge and tend to postpone them on health set back. For example if a old man was asked to climb five stair case to reach a friend he may be willing to do so but the body would be reluctant and the mind would say no. So healthy living especially during the retired age is must as one should not depend on others help every time.
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    The mind plays an important role in our health. When we have a peaceful mind we will be more healthy. When you have a sick mind your health will also get spoiled. When we have a small pain, if we start worrying about thinking about it as a big problem, the problem will get escalated. Instead of that if we take this as a normal pain and take medicine with positive thinking that the pain will come down, we will be alright quickly. Our mindset and thinking process will have a big impact on our mental as well as body health.
    When we think negatively, we will get stressed and we will commit more mistakes than normal. If we think without any stress our mind will give very good ideas which are very useful in performing our duties. This a time tested fact and many experts accept this. So be positive and keep your health always in good condition. Your life will be happy.

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    Healthy mind resides in a healthy body only. When we are sick then our mind never allows us to do work. So, it is said health is wealth.
    Indeed, the body and mind have a deep relation. Both should be healthy for a healthy life. We should always think positive as thinking has a great effect on the body. We can spent happy life only by keeping healthy body.

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    A healthy body and healthy mind both are required for a positive and constructive attitude in life. A person who is physically sound and mentally firm would take better decisions and will always venture in positive territories. There are many indulgences and lures in this world which sometimes distract us from the correct and proper paths in our lives. A positive person will not fall prey to these distractions.
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    There is always a link between the mind and the body. If we are engrossed with the negative thoughts constantly, it will have its telling effect on our health. High Blood Pressure,Diabetes are the results of our ill thinking and for which we need to have the consultation of the doctors apart from consuming medicines for lifetime.
    Hence it should be our prime duty to follow the natural rules such as early rising in the morning, abstaining from excess oil and spicy food and after all the negative thinking. Following the healthy habits would keep our health in excellent condition and in that way, we will enjoy positive thinking.

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