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    What is People Alliance for Gupkar Declaration or PAGD and why is it in news these days?

    Recently a term Gupkar Declaration came in news and is widely discussed which aims to change the status quo in J&K again prior to removal of Article 370 and 35A.

    Now how much true is this and what exactly it? It is even heard that it is supported by Pakistan and China.

    Does anyone has any information about Gupkar Declaration and its aim?
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    What I feel that the erstwhile Congress regime was part of the the Gupkar declaration and having the able support of the China and Pakistan. But yesterday Home Miister Amit Shah has accused Congress being part of the Gupkar alliance or declaration but later the Congress party has denied. Only the very old senior citizens of this country would be having the idea of what has happened and the present Congress cannot escape from the allegations and casting doubts on them. Let us see how the other parties are going to take on Congress which is on the denial mode ever since the matter came to light.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    JKPAGD (Jammu Kashmir People's Alliance for Gupkar Declaration) was formed on 15 October 2020 at Gupkar in Srinagar by seven regional parties like JKNC, PDP, JKPC, JKANC, CPM, CPI and JK People's movement to fight for the rights and dignity of the people of JK. They pledge to fight for the restoration of article 370 and 35a.
    On 24 October National conference, president and current MP was chosen the president of the PAGD. JK people's conference president is the spokesperson of this amalgam.

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    For those who were enjoying life is a particular system wrong and right whatever it was, the change is never acceptable and they will raise voice against it. In any system when the Govt wants to correct something a lot of resistance comes. Kashmir is the burning example of this fact. There are so many examples in real life when people opposed the change because it affected their comfort level. Many people were dead against demonetisation. Why? People went to court not to link Aadhar card with bank accounts. Why? Now land records are going to be digitised. Many people are in a jittery. So whenever Govt does something in the nature of long pending correction, opposition is obvious and Gupkar is also one of such reaction. When Kashmiri Pandits will be rehabilitated in Kashmir will this Gupkar group welcome them or oppose them? That is to be seen in future to establish their real intentions for forming this opposition platform.
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    K Mohan,
    Congress is not part of PAGD. Only seven regional parties excluding Congress are part of this PAGD.

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    It is a conglomeration of some like-minded political parties which formed recently to bring back the status to J&K, which was lost after removing Article 370 and 35A.
    When any change takes place we can't expect 100% population to support the change. Some may go against due to various reasons. But the governments will go ahead as per their decisions which are approved by Parliament or Assembly.
    But if we come out of these political masks and think the issues based on its merits and demerits and make a decision it will be good. But it will never happen. If somebody says yes. some others will definitely say No. It is politics. All play for a powerful position.

    always confident

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    Any change of the present regime which was enjoyed for long can cause considerable resistance of the public. We have seen tremendous resistance of the public while linking Aadhar Card to our Bank - accounts and so is the case with land digitalisation being taken up now. We are comfortable with the system prevailing from a long time and effecting any change towards that will lead to unrest. They would not like to have any change within that system. Gupker group would not like to have smooth rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits.However, this has to be seen in the coming future how this group is responding in the time ahead.

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