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    Some are considered underdogs and when they perform others get baffled.

    In a big family of those days there are intelligent, average and underdogs people who cannot be trusted for any work and they are not assigned with any work. But suddenly either through luck factor or someone identifying their potential gives the big break through which they would perform well, out perform others and even baffle others with their ever increasing popularity. Such people had the inner traits to which they have never exposed themselves but some one who are closely watching them gave the break and thus register as superlative performers.
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    This happens with school children too. A few students who may stay in silence but only complete the works assigned by the teacher. One fine day he or she may be a part of inter school competitions and later on cherish the dreams which was hidden. A keen observation, analysis is required by the person who sets a breakthrough. Once done it will be on positive grounds laying foundation for their future career.
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    We often see in movies that a person who is the underdog and neglected by other people all of sudden his hidden talent comes out and he leaves all in the race of progress and generally this character is played by a hero of the movie. 'Jo jeeta wahi Sikandar' is Amir Khan's movie in which he was completely neglected in his family. His father was never happy with him. He had zero confidence in him that he would ever succeed in his life. The father liked his elder son. Every year the inter-school competition was held and the cycle race was an important part of that competition. Elder son practised a lot to win this competition but one day he was beaten by his rival, the champion of the cycle race, so he was hospitalised but the doctor advised him to take rest and thus he could not take part in the competition, now the hero decides to participate in this competition but his father was not hopeful that he could ever win the race but after all, the hero is hero, nobody can defeat him and finally he won the race.

    But practically what we see is just opposite. Such a person remains lagging to others. However, in exceptional cases, it has happened. A talented person shows his talent when he gets an opportunity and this is the moment which changes his life completely.

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    This proves that we should not underestimate any person by looks or appearance.
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    Kapil Dev and his team participated in the world cup as underdogs. But they emerged as winners, So the whole world went to astonishment. When we see something which is never expected we will get into astonishment. This is a fact.
    Another fact is that all human beings will struggle for their existence. So when a do or die situation comes, all will try their best to come out of the situation successfully. Many times they will be successful. But sometimes they may succumb to pressure. Sometimes the success may come because of the interest they showed or sometimes may be due to pure luck.

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    There are some hidden gems whose potential is only known when an appropriate situation comes for their assessment. It is surprising to see that suddenly they emerge from nowhere and declared as winner. We can call them as silent pursuers also. They talk less and never pose themselves in public but in an opportune time show their worth. Such people deserve accolades.
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    While doing my graduation there were some girls in our class who were very simple down to the earth and talked less and simply smiled if someone even shouted on them. Out of that one girl who was a bit shy also generally avoided us and never argued or fought. She was very simple. We thought about her that she was a dullard and a humble creature. But when exam results came she got the highest marks and openly lauded by the faculty. We all were for a surprise. There are some people whom we cannot recognise till one day we see their capability openly.
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    It is really difficult to assess the inner potentials of some children and even their parents hardly notice their capabilities. The impression of the parents are otherwise rating their children timid and shy. They don't have the time gauge their potentials even. May be the introvert nature of the kid does not reflect his mental strength. This is the case of a child always remaining in calm whatever the circumstances is. He filled up the form of IIT in 1997 but that did not create any sensation to the parents. However, his result was amazing having got an impressive ranking 83 in that year. The teachers had the faith of his potentials but the parents were not sure of it. Now he is in respectable post in a foreign consulting firm with the hefty perk. His inner strength was not known to many but he proved it with his outstanding results.

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