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    Boys too can excel in par with girls through online education.

    The new system of education sets various opportunites to boys who were shy in the class, who could not answer better. Now through online classes where preference is given to one on one, boys too can excel in par with girls.

    We have online classes from school with their regular teachers but then we do have the educational apps like Byjus, Vedantu, Topper and many more where individual attention is given. Students can also listen to teachers across the country and choose their best teacher for the subjects, with whose teaching they are filled with abundance of knowledge.

    Boys can excel better or in par with girls this academic year 2020-21, discuss.
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    As far as good education is concerned there is always competition between boys and girls and given the present on line education the boys seems to be lacking interest and the girls are excelling. One of my relative girl is seen sincerely attending to her on line classes and even not caring who has visited the house and who are engaged with talking with family members. Her involvement proves that girls are more concerned about future and they feel the responsibility of study first and other works later. Whereas the boys are taking the excuse of teacher not teaching the portion rightly and fast and thus cannot catch up with the studies. Boys are the excuse makers and they want to get rid of studies by saying one reason or the other and thus the parents would be more concentrating on boys education than the girl child.
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    Traditionally the mind of the boys will be towards many things like learning a new thrilling game to kill more demons this time, sharing something unique with friends and chatting about it, to talk about a thrilling game or activity etc. At the same time girls do not have such distractions except casual chatting with other girls. The result is that there is a difference of concentration and focus that is more in cases of girls than boys. Individual cases might differ as what I am telling is only a general observation. So, shy boys can do better than girls if they focus and concentrate but not necessarily better than the girls in a general sense.
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    Boys are more interested in extracurricular activities than circular activities. They will be always focusing on more issues than one issue. They can't concentrate fully like how a girl student concentrates on studies. Generally, girls will be able to concentrate more on the work on hand. These qualities make them fare better than boys in studies these days.
    But during this pandemic, there are no extracurricular activities to these boys also. So they are also concentrating on their studies. At the same time, it is new for them also to hear lessons on phone. All these days if the children are spending their time on phones, elders are shouting on them. But now elders are readily giving them the phones and asking them to hear the lessons. So they are happy in hearing the lessons on phone and hence they may be concentrating on their lessons. These may be the points which made boys also perform on par with girls.

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    Isn't it rightly said that physical activity improves concentration levels? then why boys remain back in getting marks.
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    The author has emphatically singled out girls and unhesitatingly saying that boys don't concentrate on the study but all girls always focus on study. I smell a gender-mania in this thread based on same-gender partiality. I strongly oppose this type of thinking. Neither the girls are weak in the study nor are the boys. However, a few of them may be more studious than girls and vice versa. I don't deny that in some examinations we see cliffhanger situation between boys and girls. I'm all gung ho for both of them and see them progress.

    Members who have replied in this thread so far endorsed the opinion of the author. It may be their own experience what they have observed but what I'm saying is based on what I'm observing.

    Just have a look, for example-

    UPSC Civil Services Toppers 2020

    1 Pradeep Singh 1072
    2 Jatin Kishore 1063
    3 Pratibha Verma 1062
    4 Himanshu Jain 1051
    5 Jeydev C S 1050
    6 Visakha Yadav 1046
    7 Ganesh Kumar Baskar 1046
    8 Abhishek Saraf 1045
    9 Ravi Jain 1043
    10 Sanjitha Mohapatra 1042

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    If it was gender based then my thread title should have been "girls are always in par excellence than boys". How could you collect so many names? are they known to you. Boys too have capabilities and instinct in proving themselves. I hope my thought is also clear to you, take it positively.

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