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    With dissent voice from Chidambaram all is not well in Congress

    The inner war is going on inside the Congress party as the party has been diminishing with the performance in every elections thereby making the BJP strong. The recent bye elections debacle has given the chance for seniors like Chidambaram to vent their ire against the party boss for not taking any corrective measures to improve the rank and file in many states as the confidence of the workers has gone down and they need to be pepped up to work for win in the LS elections. But Congress seems to be taking action on dissent voice makers.
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    Unfortunately Congress party did not try to change with time. It remained glued to its old pattern and style of working. Today parties are strongly using the social media for showing their presence in a positive way but Congress could not use this opportunity. They have a leadership crisis also as they are not considering an outside person to take the control of this ailing party. So there are so many reasons that it is slowly going down in all respect and until they revamp themselves with radical measures nothing seems to be going in their favour. They are on the verge of disintegration.
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    Congress party is undergoing a very challenging phase where leadership is being attacked from all corners by their opponents in political arena. but it has been struggling for a few years internally as well. Dissenters are raising their voice. These ups and downs have been a part of this older political on our soil. I don't think it will affect it much. However, opponents may highlight it as a bigger conflict. As a party top brass needs to introspect where situation is getting worse for the party future. If radical changes are need of the hour they should go for it too.

    Kamalnath-Sindhiya conflict was merely power game but this conflict harmed Congress. Lately, in Rajasthan Gehlot- Sachin internal conflict came in forefront, however, it could not cause so much loss for the party as remified in M.P. Now Sibbal is another dissenter who is being cornered by people like Adhir Ranjan.

    Let's see which side camel takes a turn.

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    The Congress debacle because of its own reasons only. All leaders who have some voice were made to get out of the party or they withdrew themselves as they become old. Now there are no leaders we can analyse the situation and introspect themselves and try to correct wherever needed.
    A strong person is needed to control all the people in the party, unite them and lead them, like Nehru or Indira Gandhi. But unfortunately, nobody is there now. This made the issue more complicated. People like Dr Manmohan may be very good but they have no administrative skills which are required for controlling the party.
    I think the party should have introspections sessions from the bottom level and revamp the whole party and give new blood to the party. Then only it can give a fight in the coming elections. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them. Slowly many voices are raising against the party. But when the party chief resigns nobody is there to come forward to occupy that seat and lead the party in the right direction.

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    Congress party is like a vehicle with punctured wheels. It is moving with its deflated wheels with an inexperienced driver who doesn't know how to maintain a vehicle. It cannot move fast. It would sit and rest soon. There is no one from north or south, east or west willing to drive a vehicle without good wheels.
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    Any political party with the freedom to speak will have dissenting voices. These dissenting voices are to be heard by the people that matter to make the organisation strong. The Congress party right now in a hopeless condition and it is the duty of all the leaders of the party to address their grievances for the betterment of the party. If not, it will perish.
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    It is the most ironic that the oldest party in the greatest functioning democratic nation does not have any democracy left in it. Congressmen cannot come out of the servitude hangover. It is as if they are in a slumber of deep spell. They feel fish out of water without a 'leader' from the Nehru family.
    The sad tragedy is very evident in a state like Kerala where the Congress was strong even in when it was defeated at all other states. They are not able to rise to the occasion as a strong opposition and not able to exploit a very favourable situation in front of them to rise against the ruling LDF for whom skeletons are falling down one by one.
    I do not see any Congress leader of worth to say openly that he/she can lead the party and ask the Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka family to step ahead.
    If the situation continues, many Congressmen will join BJP in the coming days. There is a great dearth of experienced as well as young leaders in BJP now.
    ( Though later,they will create headache for BJP, which will soon imbibe the same problems)

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    When stalwarts like Chidambaram coming out open with criticism the party has to mend ways.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is going on for a long time and the responses of the members already have an explanation about how to change the scenario inside the party. The problem inside the Congress party is also affecting the democratic process in a big way. In every democratic system, people should have choices where if one party cannot perform they will vote for others. At present, given the leadership crisis and internal problems of the Congress, people will not vote for the party. The Left doesn't have a formidable presence throughout the country and in most of the states, there are regional parties. Regional parties have their limitations and concentrate on only the welfare of the states but when it comes to national politics everybody will not come together because of their own bickerings. Now the choice remains for people is only one party and that is the BJP or a fractured mandate. In a democracy, if there is only one formidable force it will give rise to authoritarianism which will not be good for any country. Therefore, for any democratic system to function properly, we need a couple of options. Congress' loss can be a gain of BJP but ultimately democracy will suffer. The party must think of this and take corrective measures.

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    Having rattled with dissent voice the party has now formed Economic, Foreign and National committees to assist the High Command and thus dissenters given the job.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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