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    Never go to jobs where the job content and responsibilities are the same

    This happens in every profession and in Management, it can happen to anyone. There are professionals who enjoy doing whatever they are doing, as that is a challenge. The highly qualified surgeons, for example, perform two or even three operations per day and are still so successful. And so happy as well.

    It is not the same in Management. Particularly, in HR. I recently had this experience. This happened in January this year. This person was planning to quit his job and was scheduled to join a good multinational, that belongs to one of the most respected Indian conglomerates. This is headed by a professional, well known for their HR practices.

    This person, who wanted a career change, had a good record. He was able to sign four settlements and had a good record in creating good and motivating organizational climates in his previous jobs. He also had a good legal experience, as he had represented his organization in all the labor courts and higher courts, in one of his previous experiences.

    His new job change was mostly in progressive areas such as performance management, career planning, and so on,. I advised him to take it on, as his ten-year-old son had always studied in CBSE schools with Hindi as his first language. Today, he is very happy and rang up last night to convey his new responsibility -- strategic re-alignment of all human resources in two manufacturing units, with total responsibility. He will report to the big boss in HR in the Corporate office and has tremendous job satisfaction. It should be noted that a group is a cash-rich group. This is exactly what we call good career planning in HR jargon. Change jobs, but not for the sake of changing. Go to jobs where the responsibilities will be different and where you can prove yourself. His son and wife will join him later next year, but the man is thoroughly enjoying himself.

    Conversely,never ever go to jobs where the responsibilities are the same.
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    I think it may be good to work in a known field. But as mentioned by the author with the field we can try different responsibility. An HR person can get experience in various aspects that are covered under that department. That will make him a good HR manager. If he is working within the same responsibility years together he may get experience in the same are but he may not become a good manager. So we should have exposure to various functions with the same department or related department. If a person works in a small organisation he gets sposed to almost all the functions of all the related departments. But in big organisations it is difficult and people will be restricted to their own seat and they will never know what is happening in the other seat.
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