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    Tough times do not last, but tough people do

    It now turns out that only the brave have survived the present crisis. Those who lost their jobs but quickly went on to do something different have succeeded when the virus is not as deadly as it was some months ago. Those who took up alternate jobs when the lockdown was relaxed, but yet could partly work from home, were also safe. Those in areas like Finance and Supply Chain Management, particularly at senior levels, even found new and challenging jobs.

    Even at the lower end, thousands of new entrepreneurs have emerged. I have now travelled to three districts for short durations on one work or the other after the economy opened up and the lockdown was lifted in phases. At least two IT professionals have invested their savings in farming in pockets near Tiruchirapalli and near Vijayawada. With the help of local farmers, they have taken up selling vegetables in wholesale markets and in retail markets in the surrounding small towns. While I know the former personally, the second happens to be a relative of a good friend of mine. Both were working in a famous IT company in Chennai but lost their jobs during the lockdown.

    At the lower end, the servant-maids who lost their jobs took to hacking flowers. And vegetables. And the supply of coconut water increased everywhere during the summer months. It is still on. The spirit to survive and make a difference in their lives is the main characteristic of tough people. In our place in Ranipet district of Tamil Nadu, fresh infections are down to less than ten every day and most beds are now vacant. Life is near normal.
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    More or less 12 to 14 crore people have lost their jobs because of the ongoing pandemic. Businessmen have come on the street. Even big companies are in problems. In this situation what a Man can do to survive, obviously he will start some odd jobs which have nothing to do with his education as the author has mentioned in his post about an IT professional how he started a vegetable business. He might have money so he could start this business but what about those who are lacking in money.

    I don't advocate that any job is not suitable to do I say that job should be according to the educational qualifications of a Man. Governments are responsible to provide them with employment opportunities, not necessarily government jobs. If they are given a good amount of loan quite fairly they can emerge as a successful entrepreneur in their field which they are qualified for.

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    Truly said by the author. Tough time never last but only those people survive who has gravity to tackle the situation. No doubt, this pandemic has affected all walks of life. Many private sector has closed due to this corona virus. Many businessman are living in great loss. Millions of people lost their job. Many IT professional doing work on half salary.

    On the other hand, Many people have shifted to themselves into another job. Many people started new job as a challenge. Some people started to sell coconut water. While, some people started to sell vegetables to earn money. Oviously, it can be done only by tough people.

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    Time and circumstances are sometimes even or sometimes odd. The favorable conditions are pleasant but the adverse conditions are very difficult. Therefore, be patient during difficult times. Unfavorable situations are like a difficult test and compel one to make decisions by being patient in the nervousness that arises. In this situation, if most of the decisions prove to be wrong, then our patience also starts answering. If we do not have patience in difficult circumstances, we make small problems into big problems. It is necessary that patience is our partner in such circumstances. Keep an optimistic attitude, be patient in difficult times. Slow conditions will be favorable to us because time never stops. Good and bad circumstances are part of our lives,

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    Necessity is the mother of invention. This is a very well known point to all of us. When things are becoming tough, we should also get tough to solve that problem. Otherwise, we will not survive and we will perish,
    I have a known person who was working in an organisation. He was staying in a rented house about 10 Kms from his office. He was commuting to his office using public transport. But during the lockdown, there was no transportation facility and he was finding it difficult to go to the office. I suggested him to go to a rented house near the house and I have shown him also one such. But he preferred resigning and going to his native place. He went ahead with his idea. Now he is jobless and searching for a job near his native place.
    Finding the right solution to the problem and implementing it is the best way to overcome tough situations.

    always confident

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    The pandemic phase has caused a lot of troubles including the loss of jobs of so many talented employees because of their sudden lay off from their organisations. This has even gone down to other classes as well such as supervisors of the factories,,electricians, welder sand so on.
    Naturally stress was the ultimate development in such situations but a few such employees faced the situation boldly by taking a new assignment and moved ahead. Though the engagement of such jobs were not in accordance with their qualifications. They switched from the IT jobs to vegetable vendors or some of such ex employees took up the tuition jobs in such subjects which fascinated them. Though in some cases the income was not significant, but the ways chosen by them are definitely praiseworthy in the sense that they did not compromise with such a tough time.

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    Nicely said by the author as tough time would not last long as every problem is always comes with solution if not now at least later. Tough time will not ask our permission as it would be experienced suddenly and every tough time always has the time tested solution to which many are not aware. And tough persons gain this trait due to leadership quality in them and they make use of that position. Tough persons are the right decision makers as they know the pros and cons of the situation. Tough persons are the winners of the trust and ability and this none would dare them to follow or ask the question.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is rightly said that when we can kindle the heat we get gold in the form liquid used for making fine jewellery . So ever person was put into deep hardships which made them to think in an innovative way hence the actual gold within them has shone giving raise to new avenues in life.

    As we are speaking of individuals there are also people who were taxi drivers, made up their livelihood to selling several products from street to street. The pandemic itself gave raise to mask and face shield industries.

    People have evaluated themselves and understood their physical as well mental strengths which could be utilised in different fields to earn their living. Once they set back to normal, I am sure this earnings will not be stopped and could be their part time job for second income.

    Lead the leader

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    Thanks for all the positive observations. Here is one more dimension, which I saw in a nearby village. A man who lost his Rs18000 per month job in a small company, due to Covid has invested ten thousand and has an understanding with one wholesale dealer of Surat textiles, based in Chennai. Based on a recommendation from a well known person he buys cheap sarees in bulk, and sells it for a small profit that does bot exceed Rs45/ after transport costs. Once this is over, what really happens is that this guy gets to make around five hundred rupees as the clothes are taken only on a TVS moped, with bare minimum transport costs. Since the saree range is very good and much cheaper when compared to what is sold in the big towns, sales is good. This guy also told me that there are five more fellows who have started this business right on the Andhra border villages, just nineteen kilometres from here. All guys here know Telugu and Tamil and so language problem at all. Even people from other parts of India who have been around for four years speak Tamil and buy the sarees also. He went on to say that soft loans are given by the banks and he has a small jewel loan, which he is already repaying.

    One lovely example of a tough person. So many ways to make money without any investment.

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    In tough times, only those people can cope up who have a capability to change themselves with the new situations and have some element of innovative entrepreneurship which means that they can do same thing in a new way bringing profit in the endeavour. The area of business is not so straightforward that anyone can join it anytime and make money. It requires a lot of efforts and understanding the business environment however small the attempt may be to reap the benefits in such a difficult time. The author has given examples of some successful people who could cope up with the changing environment and that is very encouraging and inspirational for the other people who had become jobless during the onslaught of the pandemic but still many are there who are struggling to make their ends meet and earn a livelihood. Life is very tough in these situations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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