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    One should not lose consciousness in anger.

    Every person gets angry or gets into an argument at some time or the other. In such a situation, a situation often comes when we do not control ourselves and we take out our anger. There are some people who keep their points but when the number comes to say, then either they do not like to listen to others. But it is not right to do this everywhere and every time. This can spoil your relationship. Therefore, it is important to know when to shut up and when to raise your voice. Also, it should be kept in mind that when we are taking a stand for ourselves, how to control the words and voice. Sometimes it is appropriate to temper according.g to time and situation but not always.
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    Your anger is your enemy. This is what we hear many times. It is true always. Sometimes we will definitely get angry. In such condition, some times we may lose our consciousness and talk very damagingly. That will make the other person more serious and he will definitely come out with equally bad words and we have to hear them. One should have control over himself always. Then only one can deal with anger properly.
    When there is a discussion we should hear to understand what others are telling. But many will hear to counter it. That will give more problems. Hear the point, understand the view and discuss based on the merits and demerits of the point. Such discussions will never get into argument mode. If really there is a good point in other's views accept it and implement it. The point should be accepted or rejected based on the strength of the point but not based on who proposed it.

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    Anger is natural. It's an inbuilt characteristic in human nature. I strongly believe that venting anger isn't bad too, if anger is vented at right place, at right time in balanced manner and tenable quantity and most important thing is its magnitude and backlash should be well-calculated then surely it may result in healthy outcome too. Sometimes, it's experienced if situation demands to vent anger but someone subdues his anger and does not allow it to raise its hood, entails harm. It's applied to a situation where any oppressor is trying to snatch your rights you have to retaliate with venting your anger unhesitantly and fearlessly , else he will make your life a hell of misfortune.

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    Anger is a bad trait. It harms us more than the person on which we become angry. It is said that if one can control ones anger then it is the greatest achievement in ones life as all bad things and bad ideas culminate with the birth of anger in us. How to control ones anger is definitely a difficult thing and in our culture the saints and scholars have prescribed meditation and other methods to calm our mind and keep the anger away.
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    I agree with the author, but sometimes when a father scolds his child in anger may lead to positive improvements in them. The main aspect is it should not hurt feelings but can kindle the spirit of creativity, confidence.

    Anger has many side effects on the physique. It leads to headache, hyper tension, heart attack and so on. It is better that one of the persons can move out of the place when the other is in the state of anger. This will help them to get distracted and gives a relief.

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    In Tamil there is a great saying that "Aathirakaranakku Buddhi mattu" meaning those who rage with anger do have less wisdom and his behavior tend to be strange and different. But many a time the loose talks emanates from the mouth when one vents the anger and that is the truth. The out burst of anger is the ultimate aim for that person because he does not have any other go to vent the view point or point of order and in that case they tend to loose the consciousness as to whom to talking and what they are saying. After they cool down they realize the great mistake of out burst for nothing and even repent for the draw flak situation. The face of the person who is raging with anger cannot be seen or controlled as he or she would be with full vengeance attitude and want to take the situation to the next level of escalation.
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    Anger makes the people blind. It is an instantaneous reaction to external stimuli and in Psychology it is mentioned as an expression of unsatisfied and immature mind. A person, when in anger, cannot distinguish between good and bad. He can do any mistake in such a phase.
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    Yes it is true. Unless otherwise we control our anger heavy loss is ours. In Tamil there is a saying,'kobathodu ezhubavan nashtathodu utkaarvaan' which means he will sit with loss if he raise with anger. Another saying 'kobam paavam sandaalam' which means anger leads one to do sin and thereby he meets evil results.
    To control anger we should meditate daily so as to keep our mind at the realistic level.

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