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    It is easy and beneficial for humans to tell the truth.

    People should always try to speak the truth. Telling the truth is our fundamental tendency. We are very sensitive to the truth. If we feel hurt after hearing lies, then we should also avoid speaking about such things because it can hurt the feelings of others. In childhood, we do not lie, but later learn to lie for our own convenience by watching the elders. Lies spoken in certain situations cannot be classified as lies for the betterment of others, but the habit of lying may be too heavy for its own benefit/greed and purpose to harm or test others.
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    Truth itself an quality which nourishes one's personality. As time passes truth itself make a way to come out so if u say it your own thats amazing or it will find its way soon .

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    If we say the truth we need not remember what we said. The truth will be only one and always it is the truth. But if we say a lie we should remember that and whenever we have to talk about that issue we should say the same point. That will be very difficult sometimes. So it is easy to manage if we always say truth only. But these days it has become very difficult to manage without telling lies. I think it is very difficult to find a person who never lied.

    We hear the names of people who never lied in epics only. Lord Rama never spoke an untruth. Similarly, We know the story of King Satyaharishchandra who underwent many hardships to avoid telling lies. Another person is Dharmaraju, who never lied. But Lord Krishna made him say a lie during the war.

    always confident

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