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    People's tolerance in the changing social environment.

    People's tolerance in the changing social environment is constantly decreasing. People are being offended by small things so much that on many occasions they are difficult to control.

    One such case has come to light, where a woman became badly uncontrolled only on the fact that she was called an aunty. A girl asked for a way by calling another woman as an excuse me, Aunty. So when the aunt was called, the woman was enraged, and the woman who was out of control started grabbing the young girl's hair and beating her using abusive language. Police forces had to be deployed to calm the atmosphere.

    Is the woman really so aggressive because of an address or are people so stressed nowadays that they get angry and frustrated about anything?
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    It is true that people's patience level is going down day by day. I have also noticed many times when people are being aggressive in small issues and doing fight. One small incident i am going to share with you.
    Once I was in the market place then a car came there for parking and one bike was standing before. Then car man told to bike man to take side your bike. Bike man was busy in talking with someone. He listened but didn't take action hurridely. Just then car man got down from his car and started to abuse him and pushed the bike. Then bike fell down on the ground and fighting started between both person. A lot of people gathered there. After that, Police van came and took away to police station to both of them.

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    Two girls were talking about marriage. One of them said, I will not marry until I am 25 years old. Then spoke second one, I will not be of 25 years old until I'm married.

    It's observed that most of the women don't disclose their real age before others. They seem to be ultra-sensitive about their age, if someone is aware of their real age and he /she says this truth on their face then they feel offended and annoyed. It's said that asking about age of any woman and asking about the salary of man are bad manners.

    I have many male also who have their age and tries to prove themselves as younger comparing to others.

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    It is the fact that people fear about ageing factor and they feel ashamed to be addressed as aunty and uncle but every body goes through this phase and there is no avoiding. Though age defying creams are used to conceal the age for others to see and appreciate, but people get notice our movement and behavior which ensures that we are getting aged and thus call by nick names. One thing is sure people want to remain young and good looks, but the wrinkles on the face and hands would definitely show case that we are getting aged and people address us the elders. There is no need to get offended because the reality has to be faced and others cannot be controlled. By engaging into confrontation for calling as senior, it shows the non adjustment attitude of the person who is sailing against the time and not with the tide.
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    I have observed this quality in many ladies. They are very conscious of their age. If anybody tries to comment on this particular issue they will get upset.
    I was working as Production Manager in an Organisation and my neighbour was elder to me. We were friends. His wife was also elder to me. But she was having a habit of addressing all the men who were younger to her also as Uncle. She used to address me as Uncle. I used to say her Madam. My wife got upset. She said that I should call her also Aunty. So I decided to call her Aunty. Next day I addressed her Aunty. From then onwards she stopped calling me Uncle. Then I also stopped calling her Aunty,
    For such ladies really it will be very disturbing if somebody addresses them with these words which will have some connection to their age.

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    This is very strange to note that some women are behaving in such childish way to fight on small things that also with a little girl who is simply giving some respect to the elders. From a psychological point of view I would say that sometimes it is some other reason that a person is not happy and irritated and then he or she would angry on something totally different and not related but it helps in extinguishing the basic anger. Some people have such psychological disorders and cannot control on their temperament and start treating everyone with same yardstick whether the person has done something wrong or not.
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    It is a general observation of many people that the tolerance and patience in the society is going down day by day and people are under immense mental strain due to various reasons connected to our materialistic and crazy life. We do not have time for introspection and think coolly and meditate on our own personality. We are running in a race where end results are not known and even if something is there it is not more than a mirage in the desert. In this blind race we are loosing the grip on our temperament and becoming angry on those things which are insignificant.
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