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    Which is the best brand of readymade shirts?

    Planning to buy readymade shirts for family members and relatives? Follow this interesting discussion on which brands are the most suitable choice when selecting readymade shirts.

    It has been quite a while before I really went shopping for the best branded ready-made shirts. When I was in regular service, there were occasions when I had to dress very well. At those times, one had the Arrow shirts as a reference. Then came John Players from ITC.

    Since am over sixty now, I was just wondering what is the best brand for young people, as we need to now purchase ready-made shirts for very young men, all relatives, who would attend a wedding in our family. Young members who know the best brands ( cost is never the issue; the quality is the biggest consideration), and even those elder members who know the inside stories of the big and best brands of read-made shirts may please come up with facts. The purchase need not be done now. It will happen at the end of December or early next year. However, it is good to be prepared.

    The women have so many things to buy. But since my knowledge is a big zero, I never ever give my opinion, though occasionally I do go around and can even watch an entire Tamil movie on my mobile when the women do their shopping!! Jokes apart, our shopping for men should take one-tenth of their time.
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    There are many brands in shirt by the big players in the market. Some of them are Wills, Van Heusen, Peter England, Polo, Allen Solly, Zodiac, Louis Phillipe, John Players, Park Avenue, Parx, Arrow etc and there prices are also on higher side. One has to select as per the cloth and colour of ones choice. Some people like cotton only and there will be different colours in that. If one goes for synthetic or polyester or mixed then the varieties and colours will be more. It is of course an individual choice. Some unbranded small companies also surprisingly provide similar material in lower prices and the only difference is that design would not be as modern or elite as of these branded ones. At the same time I am sure that if we remove the label very few people will be able to distinguish between the two.
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    There are many brands where we will get quality T-shirts. First of all, what price we are aiming that is also very important. We have to decide on this. Then what is the age of the person? Based on these two we can select the brands. Personally, I like Van Heusen brand. if we are ready to spend a little more Arrow is also a very good brand.
    Wills, Polo, Allen Solly, Zodiac, Louis Phillipe, John Players, Park Avenue, Parx are some other brands where we will get very good material but you should be ready to pay for it.
    There are some local companies which are making equally good dresses but the costs will be less. Durability will be also good. But the only difference is that logo will not be there and the elegance maybe not as equal as the branded item. I prefer locally made also but my sons will always go for branded items only.

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    Raymonds for shirts
    Duke for Tshirts

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    I really do not go for very costly shirts. I used to visit Bombay Dying shops for Van Heusen shirts. They last long. Very cool and pleasant wear. Then I liked Otto shirts that fit me well. Now Otto has gone and it is available as Clarkecable. Now I use only Clarkecable (40) shirts that fit me perfectly. It is the cheap and best shirt I like. Another cheap and best brand I like is 'Shelton' shirts.

    Above all, Once, in the year 2010, I bought a shirt from a roadside vendor costing only Rs.75/-. It is well stitched, cool and befitting my size. I still wear it. I consider it as 'The Best 'shirt I possess now. The brand written is "Harry William"(40cm)

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    We get plenty of colourful T-shirts with affordable prizes in the sales shopping centres that many would like to grab one from the nearest outlet. There are a few people who always go for specific brands based on the quality constraints.
    I too like Van Heusen and Allen Solly brand for my family members but we buy it sometimes occassionaly as it is durable.

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    When it comes to choosing a ready made shirt then there cannot be one brand ruling the market. If one wants to know more brands and want to test other brands rather than the fixed one being used now, then they must visit the brand factory showrooms which houses all brands under one roof. Most of the foreign brand shirts are very good with texture and colors namely Van Heusen , Allen Solly, Peter England etc. But there are Indian brands which has the good quality and price. We cannot name all due to space constraints but even the local brands from Chermas in Hyderabad are good. What I understand that the so called foreign brand shirts are made in India and at Hyderabad but they fix the name of those brands as importing and selling at Indian asking rate is much and thus operate as franchise. So we may not get the asking quality.
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