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    Talent without dedication may not bring you success always

    We will be seeing different people in society. Some of them are very talented. They have the knack of doing the work perfectly. But that talent alone can't make them successful. They have to have dedication towards that work and then only they will be successful. A very skilled player who is not applying himself sincerely to the game may not be a successful player.

    Some people may not be having the skill. But they may have the dedication towards the work they have to perform. Such people try hard and they will put all their efforts into acquiring the skills required to succeed. A player who wants to be the winner and dedicate himself to the team will pool up all his energies and try to learn the skills and see that his team will be successful.

    If your skills are coupled with your dedication, you will be definitely successful.
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    Talent means that the person is having intelligence and knowledge up to a good level and if the person is serious and sincere then he can be successful in career and rise to glorious heights. So the rise is conditional that is if the person does commensurate hard work which the author of the post has mentioned as dedication. So nothing works if the dedication is not there. Inherent qualities will not make a person successful until he does the required labour and efforts for reaching a particular target or destination in ones career or profession. I have seen many highly intelligent people who are working in very low positions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Talent is the essential trait whatever profession you choose. This allows the the aspirant to understand the complexity of the job, the resources required to achieve the same and better perception for forging ahead. With these essential skills, accomplishment of the task is rather easy. However, talent alone will not provide you success. Your talent must be accompanied by your consistent endeavour to be put in the same direction. Sometimes, it has been seen that a person having less talented but his consistent approach towards his work has paved him success. Hence for an average performer he should not be demotivated because of his low rating of talent. He can reverse the situation with his constant involvement in his assigned job.

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    Nicely said by the author as those who have talent were also some times indulge in short cut method of success which may not fetch the desired results and those who are talented may not be known to others and thus their goes waste without even recognized by the right persons. Talented person should showcase their abilities and strength in front of probable decision makers then only the real potentials are made known otherwise the talented person remain in the back stage and they will be even sulking to come out in front. Therefore these persons need to maintain the social rapport to bring in exclusive understanding with the target persons. Moreover a talented person would not show his profess in the beginning but slowly take others into his stride and that is the take of the those strong will power minds
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    This is a thought provoking thread by the author. In our families we ask find that some children are very intelligent and sharp but some are mediocre while some are dull. It is something unique with the individual that distinguishes one from others. So when the intelligent ones do not work seriously and sincerely and do not pay attention to their studies then w usually tell them that they are more intelligent than their siblings but they are not serious and not taking things in that perspective and then the ordinary ones are sometimes faring well as compared to the sharp and intelligent fellows. We are seeing these things happening in our families and it is very true that intelligence and sharpness alone will not give the results.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has rightly said, a man should always be loyal to his works. We know that people have different talents which makes them special but your talent will be considered meaningless without your dedication. One who keeps the worm of doubt in his mind never reaches the right decision and he who is not able to take the right decision will never succeed. Want to make your life successful, if you want to make life successful, first of all, try to see whether the loyalty inside me has awakened within me or not. It is very important for a person to show loyalty to his desire so that he knows how to deal with him if there is any obstacle in his work. Your dedication to duties also gives you a character that enhances your image in society. Dedication and responsibility are two factors that play an important role in human success and progress.

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    The author is right in saying that talent and dedication are intertwined togather. They can not be separated. They are indispensable for success. When talent and dedication are coupled the person is on right on target. I also seen several people who have talent and dedicated themselves to their aim, ultimately they achieved the success. But some talented people who remained careless about their efforts could not succeed. However, talent never dies. It can't be eliminated. Whenever the talented person shows his talent he impresses all and sundry.

    The author has pointed about those people who are not talented but they are hardworking and dedicated to their work, succeed. It happens so but they can't be as much successful as a talented person may be. Such people are more likely to be sychophont to their employer and work as eavesdropper and onlooker in their company and bring into notice of their boss what is happening in office.

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