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    We need good people in politics

    Today I watched two videos on Live TV, a YouTube channel. These videos are about. Newa Lal who is the Education Minister in newly formed NDA government in Bihar. He is from JDU. In one video it is shown that he is in a school and reciting national anthem. I noticed two points in this video.
    (1) He distorted wordings of National Anthem (2) He could not recite it till the end.
    In the second video which was shot by the press a Journalist asked him when he was the education minister in last tenure of NDA an FIR was lodged against him for irregularities in appointments of professors, this is why he was suspended from the party too. He replied that it's an irrelevant question and we should focus on development instead.

    In his tweet, Tejashwi Yadav accused four-time Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of appointing "criminals" to retain power in the state. 
    "Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has granted an exemption to loot and robbery by appointing Mewalal Chaudhary,".

    All the parties claim to have fair governance free from criminals but reality is otherwise. It's also our fault why we elect these people as our representatives in assemblies and parliament. Problem with us is that we are easily carried away if an accused of committing crime is contesting election from our favourite political party, we will vote for him. We also don't overlook if he belongs to our caste we will vote for him.
    Can we expect that. BJP being more powerful in Bihar now will pressurise JDU to change their minister?
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    The problem in politics is that there is no minimum qualification for becoming a leader. Even an illiterate person can become the Minister. I think we have to change this and bring some legislature so that first thing is there should be some basic qualification if not an entrance exam. Second thing is that which the author has also highlighted is that the top leaders should not induct bad people in their party. They should take an interview or even a test. Arbitrary selection will not help. Nepotism would not help either. All this is possible only when the top leaders at the helm of affair are competent.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Every voter thinks that good people with good education must enter politics and serve the people and normally the common man stay away from politics for many reason. Those who have muscle and money power are made to enter and win the game of politics as much money running into crores are spent like water and after the elections are over and winning is made the same politician would start earning from where he lost and thus indulge in corrupt practices to recover all the expenses made during the elections. And learned people are wiser and know the value of money and how to save it. Moreover politics is always having the enmity and popularity cult for any leader and this they hover on losing and gaining and even having good rapport with the ruling party but educated persons fail to join the politics for above reason.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very evident that people spend so much money in elections to woo the voters, or their party might be spending for them, that they somehow manage to win and once they are in power they earn more money than what they spent during the elections. By these evil earnings they become more powerful and can even hire goons to keep the enemies silent by threatening or other harsh measures. Many politicians are found to have nexus with land mafias or other mafias and we clearly see that so many politicians were jailed because of their misdeeds and corruption and many will be jailed in future also when the charges against them are proved in a court. So politics is a dirty business and only a few honest people are there on whom we can rely that they will be working for the country and not just accumulating wealth for themselves. In such a situation how good people will enter politics this is a big question and worry of the common man in our country.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In India, politics is the only profession where we don't require any educational qualifications and also no age limit.
    Even a small government job, the person should not have any pending cases against them. But a person who is in Jail can also contest for elections and there is no police verification or any other restrictions for contesting.
    In earlier days leaders used to have some ethics and they used to follow certain norms. But these days no ethics or no norms. More the cases against you, more you are preferred.
    Another important matter is money. The candidates who are contesting in elections are spending huge amounts for attracting the voters. Now they have to get back that money. So they go for all sorts of ways and means to earn the money back.
    These days honest people can't win the elections. The voters will never vote for such honest people. So the change should come from voters. Then only we see good people in politics.

    always confident

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    Change of politics is necessary for a change of system in the country. In politics, some people have reached, whose behavior in society is not good. It is necessary to change the system by establishing a clean political environment in the country. Education policy and management of the country is weak. This has caused anarchy in the country. If the leaders who run the country are not educated themselves, then it is natural for the country to be skeptical. The growing corruption among the leaders breaks the trust of the general public every time. People always choose their leader with the confidence that they will develop the society and the country, but trust is broken every time.

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