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    Tranquilty brings in more thought power

    When the atmosphere is calm, quiet and tranquil and this happens early in the morning between 3 am and 5 am when our mind would be fresh and rearing to go for the day's task and matter and thus we are well poised to think more positively for taking the required actions all through the day. And many sleep even after the morning break fast time is over and they are taking excuse from the hard work and smart thinking. Things done in early morning before the sun rise are always successful and fetching because we would have fresh creative thinking.
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    Early to bed and early to rise has taken a set back as everything is based on time constraint. If we do not have any task in hand, we have to think before you come to conclusions. The trust factor related to morning times are better as nature itself gives a humming sound, a pleasant environment and a silent emvironment enriches thinking abilities.
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    Sharada you have nicely said that silent environment rekindle and enrich the new thinking abilities
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    I know that the author is an early riser and it's for good for body and mind but I'm a bit late riser,however, of course not like them who has he mentioned about, I get up around 6 a.m. it's still before the sun rises.

    Early rising freshen up mind and whole body as well .Come out in open area and walk around while fresh breeze is blowing, birds are chirping. There is no crowd, peace and tranquillity seem to be scattered all around. Early rising makes our day longer. Early riser can work more than what a late riser does and most important is that they don't require to make haste , they can start their work as and what is convenient for them.
    I always want that students should get up early in morning. It's the best time for their study. What they study gets drilled into their memory. It's possible their parents take care of their them and make them go early to bed.

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    I agree. When we get up early in the morning we will be cool and we will not be in a hurry. So we can plan our day very calmly without any anxiety. If we get up late we will be in a hurry to get ready to go to the office and we will never have time to think and plan.
    Early morning the whole atmosphere will be calm and your mind will not have any distractions. The environment will help you to feel fresh and help you to have a clam thinking process. Whatever you read or learn during this time can be remembered long. That is why many students in earlier days used to get up early and read for some time. But these days people prefer reading late hours and get up late. Somehow I am not very comfortable with such practice. My habit is to get up early and go to an early bed.

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    The author has raised a very interesting point how tranquility can be achieved and this can be felt if one is the early riser in the morning say as early as 3 am. This would restore freshness and the state of tranquility can be achieved. The environment remains calm often getting some unusual sound of some tiny creatures and this follows later with the chirping of birds at around 5 am. The morning hours are the best times for indulgence with yoga and pranayama and once this session is over. We can have the second session of morning walk for at least half an hour regularly to keep ourselves fit and healthy.
    Hence missing the early morning hours would mean deprivation of natural resources not achievable at the late hours of the morning.

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    That's correct but nowadays, many people do not follow this routine. I am also a late-riser and finding ways to change my habit. We are facing so many complications because there is always a tendency to go against nature. Long ago, people used to depend on sunlight only and all of their works were finished during the day time. It is understandable that everything has changed and accordingly our lifestyles have also modified but following nature is the best way. Every season has its worth and the timings too. The night is for rest and the day is for carrying out our activities. We need to match our personal clock with that of nature. An adjustment in the clock is what we require.

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    We have to put up a strict schedule for ourselves and work on similar lines like a thread a day contest. Most of us were successful in just raising a thread, now it is the matter of our life which will turn to show beautiful colors once introduced to the right path. We have bent down to the sedimentary life style that looking back is a bit troublesome, once we are done we need not think of it again.
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