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    We are not robots, we are humans!

    With the pace of our life gaining high speed and our mind and body being set on achieving targets, are we becoming robots? Are we losing our human characteristics? Do we need to exercise some control so that we do not start behaving like machines? Give it a thought.

    The world is becoming a mechanical place. Everything has to be done at a particular time otherwise we do not stand in the struggle and competition. We are working like machines. There is no place for sentiments and feelings. Everything is related to productivity, performance, and successful execution. While doing so humans are turning into machines, monotonously working and working like robots. There are many people who only talk to the point. They do not have time for chit chats and casual talks. Idling the time in hand seems to be an unpardonable crime and as everyone is busy no one has time for others. Are we not going in the direction of extreme mechanisation? But we are not robots, as we are human beings. Should we go like this only or stop somewhere? What do the members think?
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    If anything becomes so mechanical and we tend to do the same work, then that would lead to bore some and also fatigue sets in. In between the works we must take some rest and that would bring the fresh thought. If some one is confronting with continued phone calls receiving, he must go for immediate rest for few minutes because our mind also needs some rest and if we keep on thinking about the non issues and issue, we are giving more pressure to the mind and that may turn out to be over working and giving it to work in reverse or even in haste. Nevertheless those who give or take work from us also should now the limitations and our strength and they should not treat us so badly with continued work pressure. Time management also plays good role in reducing our work and also multi tasking would help do work fast.
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    I think we are dealing with so many machines nowadays that we are slowly turning in machines. People are working throughout the day and many do not get enough rest. This, in turn, is giving rise to health complications and maybe that's why there is an increase in the number of patients with diseases that are caused by an improper lifestyle. Many remain so busy that they do not know when they will get some time for lunch/dinner and they remain worried all the time. We need to give it a thought. Keeping in mind the various health complications nowadays I posted the thread Do we plan enough to remain healthy recently. Interestingly, many of us understand that we follow an unhealthy lifestyle but for many, there is no other option to survive.

    Think of the employment crisis all over the world. Many wish to switch over to another job in which there is much less pressure but it's not so easy to find and the worry continues. Of course, some workaholics cannot think of anything other than work and from my experience, I have found their family members do suffer because those people cannot provide time for their families. One way may be to pause for a while and think of a solution. Planning our works in a better way and thinking of our emotional wellbeing is essential. Many people are materialistic and they run after money all the time. This is another problem. People have to understand that the craze for materialistic gains will not help in the long run and we cannot be just machines. We have a thought process and to think properly on any issue one has to stop for some time in between the work.


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    These days for a human being the most important commodity is money. Every second in their life will be used for making some money only. There are no other considerations. If there is no change in making money by doing some work, people will think that time is waste for them. This is the order of the day.
    Many people are losing many memorable chances in their lives in pursuing their goals. Talking to small kids for a moment is a waste of time. Paying a visit to an old person to say Hallow is waste of time.
    A human being is a machine who makes money with each of his/ her moment. A robot will work the way you decided and trained the robot. But a human being will not do that. He is a clever robot we can change the programme as he likes and behave as the way it wants.
    Only when we give more importance to human relations, we should be called humans. Otherwise, we are robots with brains designed for earning money

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    Right, humans are becoming and behaving like robots without any feelings and losing our emotion touch. We become deaf and dumb to the painful and distressing situation of a helpless soul: be it in our neighbourhood, on the road or anywhere we met with such an unfortunate person.
    Earlier people used to chit chat with neighbours and express emotions with each other but today the situation is completely different. We are cut off from each other and busy in increasing productivity, performance and ignoring care and compassion for humans.
    Earlier people were flowing emotions for any painful incident and felt eager to extend a helping hand but today we are unmoved and stone-hearted! Always busy with our smartphones, who care if anyone in the family needs anything.
    We are humans and we must behave like humans. We should develop our sense of responsibility and always be ready to serve humanity.

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