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    Gadget for personal safety of women

    We are hearing so many cases of offences made on the women not only in our country but the across the globe and it is necessary that women should have some gadget to save themselves from the offenders. Today industry and technology has advanced to quite a level and I was just pondering whether there is any such gadget which can create some electrical shock or something that keeps the offender at a bay and discourage him to come near the women intentionally. Is any member aware of any such gadget which operates on battery and help the women to safeguard them by threatening the offender through the sparkling emissions or electric currents etc so that she can protect herself till the help arrives. If anyone knows any such thing please share it. Is there any possibility to design or manufacture such a personal weapon for the protection of the women? Please give your views.
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    I don't know about any mechanical device or any electrical device which can give electrical shock to an oppressor if he approaches a lady with wrong intention to harm her, however, black pepper / red pepper spray are available online and market for women for their self- defence. I don't know if you have tried them or not.
    I think most important weapon of women is their fearlessness, if any lady (May God protect them) come across this situation she fears of being harrassed, moletsed it even raped, she need to cool her mind.

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    I never heard of such electronic gadgets for the self-defence of women.
    The best way is that they should get trained in some ways of hurting the opposite person. Karate is one such skill which can provide good protection to them.
    A small knife in their bag is also Ok. But if they are not strong the person may grab that also. So the women should have the required mental and physical strength to stop the culprits at a distance.
    These days some chilli sprays are coming. Ladies can carry one such container in their handbag. If anybody is trying to attack them they can spray that liquid into their eyes so that they will not come near to the lady. This is very popular in many foreign countries. It has to pick up in India.

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    It is disappointing that offences against women across the world are only increasing. Women are becoming soft targets, unfortunately by gutless bigots. In the age of technology, one may think of innovative gadget that could protect women from assaults by giving an electric shock to the offender.
    Though the idea may seem strange to some, it can be a reality with technological innovations. Almost a year back, I was watching a program on some news channel in which students were showing their innovative skills and a group of girl students came up with an amazing gadget which Neeru Ma'am is inquiring about.
    The gadget was a glove with wiring connected to a small battery with an Off and On switch. In a demonstration, the girls switched on the gadget while putting this glove into the hand and a boy was called nearby, on touching he received an electric shock and the guy almost fell down!
    So, such innovations are possible in the current technological age but since then I didn't saw or hear anything about this gadget. We can only hope such a gadget become available soon for women to protect them from assault.

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    Traditionally village women used chilli powder or fine sand to blind the eyes of the offender and in some part of the country people might be still using them. As Umar has mentioned that some electrical device was demonstrated, I think such a thing will be really handy and effective to be used by the women. If some business house or company commercialises such an invention it will definitely have a good market as girls or ladies would like to have one with them. If we give this idea to some innovators who are working on innovations and new technological devices, they might take up it as a project.
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    The author has suggested a good gadget that can be hand operated with batteries and yet prove to be beneficial to the alarm raised by the women in case wrong doers approach them with bad intention. At least the warning system should be sounding when the bad elements approach the women with wrong intentions and desire. Hope the government from state and central should concentrate more inclusive safety for women as many of them are returning home after late hours and many a time they reach invariably late at the home past mid night and that is too much asking for.
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