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    At what price should we provide security to such people?

    He may be a master strategist but he is also the Home Minister of India and he is supposed to guarantee the safety and security of ordinary citizens.

    Amit Shah is visiting Chennai. 7000 police officials are going to provide him with security. What is the cost to the public? What value is he going to add? Except for making some speech, he will not do anything. These 7000 policemen will be drawn from the existing pool of policemen.

    Our HM can open the buildings or inaugurate whatever he wants to inaugurate through video conferencing. You and I and millions pay our taxes and such money should not be spent on security to one man, however great he may be.

    We need a drastic decision on such matters. The nation cannot rob ordinary citizens the right to the bare minimum basics and take away your money and my money for such purposes. We need clear guidelines on such expenditure.
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    The security cover to be provided to VIPs are not decided as per anyone's whims or fancies. There are certain guidelines and the level of security is decided based on various aspects. When Amit Shah is visiting a state in his capacity as the Home Minister of the country, it is the bounden duty of the State to ensure that the security cover is sufficient enough so as to avoid any untoward incident (even of a minor nature). So, there is no point in feeling irritated over such issues. There is no doubt that the expenses are met out of the tax paid by the citizens but we also need to accept and understand that there are certain privileges that accompany a post you hold. Let us not forget that it is not Amit Shah, an individual or a politician, who is visiting us; it is the Home Minister of our country and we need to respect that position irrespective of the characteristics of the individual who holds the post. Sivakumar, can you guarantee a safe visit for Amit Shah in Tamil Nadu sans security coverage? I doubt.
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    Think about Late Pm Indira Gandhi use open jeep for national days of India and compare her with Mr Modi.

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    Why we discuss only one visit. There are many such visits and the amount of money we are spending security of ministers, MPs/MLAs. Ex. Ministers and other VIPs is from the taxes we paid. But it has become a necessity these days. It is not that for the first time such security arrangements are made for VIPs and it is as per the protocol. As mentioned by a lead editor in his post there are guidelines for that.
    Even after making that much security measures to our the then young Prime Minister in Tamilnadu, an unfortunate incident happened and we have lost him. Whom can we blame for this. Unruliness and terrorism are on rising. So these arrangements are becoming a necessity.
    When a chief minister travels on the road his convoy will have so many cars and the whole traffic will get disturbed. A common man has to wait for traffic clearance.

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    Home Minister or Prime Minister or Chief Minister or any other prominent personalities need security cover to protect them from any untoward incident. This is normal and I don't think we should think too much on this issue how much tax people pay to the government. All the people pay whether it's a direct tax or indirect tax.
    Someone has given the example of Late Rajiv Gandhi but what about Late Mrs Indra Gandhi?

    I still remember when Late Prime Minister Mr Vishwanath Pratap Singh became Prime Minister of India. The situation of terrorism in Punjab was extremely bad. He decided to visit the Golden Temple without security. He said in the press conference- 'they (terrorists) are our boys, only they have been misled. I will go to prostrate in Golden Temple Amritsar without security and he visited.'

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    The author has raised this issue as if such things never happened in the past and in the past regime. The author must know that Home Minister Amit Shah is the second in command and party wise he is the senior most and being minister he is eligible for security cover as the Tamil Nadu government has thrown the highest security bracket for him and it is the the duty of the state government to accord good welcome. nice stay and secured leaving back to Delhi. At present Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were enjoying the security cover at the cost of your and my tax money. Why the author was silent as the government need not provide provide to these leaders who criticize the government on daily basis and foot the bill of their security. It is the privilege of every Minister to enjoy all those drama and that would be continued.
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