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    A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion

    I was going through the proverbs and here I found an interesting one.

    It's rightly said that one should take his own decision rather to seek advices from others.

    Long time ago there was a shepherd who won money in a lottery . He wanted to start a business. Many of the people adviced him to preten like a rich man before starting a business. So he bought cars , new dresses and spent hugely on many such things and ended up being bankrupt. His dream of starting a business broke.

    Similarly in our society we find such people who beleive on taking advices from others and folow them rather than applying their own mind. No doubt we should seek advices but before applying them we must analyse them if they will make us better or not.

    It's rightly said that wise people take their own decision rather than relying others.
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    When we are stuck somewhere, we require the help of others but we should not make it a habit to seek help every time without even understanding fully what we have to do. I would say, following public opinion is not always a sign of ignorance though we must apply our minds while deciding on anything. It can be an ignorance when we just echo another voice or words without giving a proper thought. A good example of this may be the forwarding of messages/posts through various social media platforms without verifying. There are many people who prefer forwarding rather than verifying the messages and we all can imagine the outcome. We need to apply our minds even while seeking suggestions from others and if we do not do this the situation can be like the shepherd mentioned by the author in the thread. While making any decision, whether it's our own or suggestion of others, we have to think about it.

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    The story quoted by the author is of a foolish person who followed others without using his mind. If he had not followed their advice he wouldn't have been a successful businessman because a fool is a fool.

    I have a bit different opinion of what the author has. I think who are your well-wishers, do not forget to take their advice. Second, if there is an expert and professional consultant who gives his services, his advice is important before taking any decision.

    If there is nobody who do you think could be a knowledgeable and experienced person If the field you intend to venture in then you should consult your wife even she does not know anything about your intended work/business. But most important point is that pondering over all the collected suggestions take what is logical and relevant out of them and leave what is illogical and irrelevant and then using your reason power take the final decision.

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    The author has shared a very nice quote which implies that those who are wise according their education and knowledge coupled with whole lots of personal experience in life are bound to take quick and apt decisions and as they know the pros and cons of taking self decisions they are even prepared to face the worst situation out of wrong decision. Normally wise man would not take wrong decisions because they fully know the after effects and even gone through the challenging position of taking some tough decisions not taken in the past. And those who are ignorant of themselves. their own potential and abilities, depend on others and public opinion to elicit their ideas and issues and thus prove to be most dependent on others. Sometimes the success is achieved but many a time failures are confronted.
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    There is a poem in Telugu which says, hears whatever others say. But immediately after hearing you need to take any decision but think the pros and cons. Once you consider various options like this, make your own decision. Then only one will be successful. I think this proverb is also conveying the same point. You are the person having all the details of the issue with you. So no other person can analyse the situation as you analyse. So always you can only make a correct decision. Sometimes, many people discourage us when we take some decisions, But we should go ahead and prove that others are wrong.
    When I was working in a company, one senior person from the company resigned. To fill the gap various names were suggested by different people. But as I was at the decision-making level, I have posted a person of my choice. Some officers of the company laughed and said that I made the wrong decision. But I went ahead. That person whom I considered worked wonders and proved that my option is the correct option.

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    There is no problem in hearing other's point of view or advices. But one has to take ones own decisions. Actually, decisions should not be based on the advices of others as they are to be taken by the people after detailed thinking and considering the pros and cons. People will give various suggestions which may appear all right on the face of it but when we implement them we will utterly fail and a big disappointment would be there to us.
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    Yes. It is absolutely correct. It just depicts the ego in them. We cannot say the other side people as ignorant but they are cautious. Some people I have seen, by thinking they are wise over others, they go to specialist directly for a small set back without minding money.

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