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    A child's message to the onlookers

    There are onlookers almost everywhere. Whether it's a city bustling with activities or a village, you will find a lot of people crowded around some happenings. The happenings may be an altercation between two, certain mishap, the law enforces chasing a criminal and so on. One interesting thing I remember happened a long ago when I was a child. I was in a relative's place and playing with one of my cousins inside the house. The house was adjacent to a park though the entire park was not visible from the house. We noticed a crowd around a portion of the park and with time the crowd became thicker. We went nearby and witnessed a funny incident. A goat and a dog were fighting heavily inside the park. At that time, there was no smart mobile devices to take a picture of the incident and post it somewhere in social media though a lot of people were seen enjoying and cheering up the fighters. The situation has not changed much now. Even when people need help in public places there are many who will just look at the person without offering any help. It is always important to help someone in distress and we must move forward in such situations. We all know this but when it comes to application, many do hesitate. Even a child is very much aware of the situation which is reflected in the behaviour which was witnessed recently. Two children were cycling in a particular lane where four-wheelers are not allowed. One child fell from the bicycle while the other moved ahead. Realising the fall of his friend the child went back to help his friend. At that moment a man was passing by and asked the child how he is. The child retorted, "What are you looking at? Can't you help my friend who just fell down? How can I help him alone?"

    That's an important message for all.
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    Nice message from the child to the onlookers and that is bolt on the blue. We have seen at many places even at the gruesome accident sites people are seen taking and videos much to annoy and pain of those who are in the frame seeking for urgent medical attention and help, But such reach out would not come timely and every one talks about rules and that includes Police which talks about their jurisdiction, Even the four wheeler car owners would not stop nor extend the help as on seeing so much blood they cannot of think of even standing at that place. Nevertheless there are people who would take all actions , reach the accident victims at their expense and even admit in the hospitals and stay there till the relatives come there and hand over the patient to them. Such people are the need of the hour.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It was merely a fight between two animals. Now you can see in broad day light that one person is being beaten by a few people and rest all other people including passers-by keep on watching them shamlessly as mute spectators.Have you ever been a part of this crowd?
    If I can stop this fighting I myself interfere, If I can't do it alone then I ask other people, if It does not work I move from the spot immediately instead of watching them fighting.

    The author gave another example of a boy how he gave a lesson to that car driver. A good example. People are so much insensitive that nothing affects them. They don't bother to what is going on around them. They are confined to their own orbit, they can't come out of it. Actually, it's our habit to assume ' Why should I help? It is not happening with me or my acquaintances.

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    This is very common these days. If something happens to somebody people will never go near and try to help the person. These days we see many people taking videos to post them in social media.
    Once there was an accident in the organisation I was working. One person got injured seriously and fell down. All the employees moved there and circled around him. But nobody is daring to go near to the injured person. Personnel department was arranging the ambulance. I went near the patience and immediately did some first aid. Meanwhile, the vehicle came and we shifted the patient to the hospital. The Doctors informed us that the first aid given him only saved him.
    The moral is that instead of seeing and enjoying the proceedings, one should help the person who is in trouble and see that he should be out of problems. One should keep this in mind always.

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    The message is loud and clear. We all are onlookers and not helpers. If something happens it is a matter of fun for us and we enjoy it and pass our time rather to help and resolve. This is very common pattern now seen in the society and it is in fact not a good sign. It shows that we are going towards environment of no sympathy for fellow beings. It is sad that humans having capable of helping each other in the best possible manners are becoming simply onlookers to an incident. The basic humanity is slowly receding on the sidelines of race for modernisation and selfish life style.
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    Very few people have helping attitude. Most of us have indifferent nature especially for the other people's problems. As a human being it is our first duty to help the needy in whatever little ways we can.
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