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    Many companies are taking job seekers from their staff friends

    There are complaints that jobs in private companies are not forth coming and even the so called campus interviews turns to be farce as most of the companies are engaging those persons who are seeking jobs and known to the present employees and thus the internal arrangement of having the job recruitment proves easy and hassle free as the company gets the right candidate without spending money on advertisements and recruitment process and for staff they stand as the strong recommending candidates for their known persons.
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    Jobs in private companies are opened. Job notifications in newspapers are also being published. What the author has said it could be based on his observation. I don't know about campus interview.

    As everyone knows that due to pandemic a large number of people have lost jobs, so they desperately need a job to survive and recover their loss. Private companies are also facing a bad time. In this situation, these companies are taking job seekers for granted.

    The author has taken another aspect that known people are being inducted or those candidates who are recommended by some known people to companies are preferred. It may be due to this reason that companies don't trust unknown people.

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    Rightly understood, the companies wants to have internal recruitment rather than trusting unknown employees.
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    Many companies have the system of appointing persons who are referred by the known persons. It may be from the staff or friends of the senior persons. Infosys the IT company asks its employees to refer to any candidates known to them. Once their staff uploads the CVs, they do the selection as per the regular procedure and selected candidates will be given an opportunity. TCS, another IT company is also having the same practice.
    Even in the company, I worked earlier also, we used to follow the same procedure. Preference is being given to known persons. But we never compromised on the suitability of the candidate. This is a better idea as the background of the person will be known to us and we can contact the known person in case of any problem. Generally, many of the small organisations will keep only known persons in the posts where there will be financial dealings more.

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    Originally it is the first method of recruiting. Later due to the problem of nepotism it was removed from the preference. To remove nepotism, the management or recruiter can adopt strict verification about the candidate once selected. This type of selection enable the management in the following ways:
    1.Advertisement expenditure can be eliminated.
    2.Selected person's reference can be availed without additional expenses.
    3.Tracking the root if selected employee err in work
    4.Waiting period of joining may be minimum

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    It is always better for private companies to employ people who are relatives and friends of their employees. This cannot be done by governments. Governments will have to follow a procedure to give jobs to all who are eligible for the job on a selection basis. This is the difference between public and private companies. However, a labour union will be a hindrance to such recruitment.
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    Shortlisting of the candidates and further evaluation of their performance before the interview board is a time consuming process taking considerable time in the selection of the candidates. Due to the pandemic situation, most of the companies have faced severe loss financially due to none fulfilment of targets of the companies. Now these companies are in a hurry to make up the loss. This can be done by immediate absorption of suitable candidates without loosing the time. Referral procedure adopted by the companies would cut the time and the employees so selected would be reliable in terms of performance due to close proximity of the employees working in the organisations. Such a procedure is reliable and takes less time in tracking the right candidates.

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    It is the better option for the present situation as they need on spend on adverrisement as well can hire employees at low scales when compared to earlier days.
    Usually, they may select, if the new person has the same responsibilty of his or her friend they are work in a group. This helps in building team spirit which is an important aspect to improve the business in a company.

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    Some companies do it but they will do all the formalities required like advertising, eligibility conditions etc so that fair chance is given to all the candidates. At the same time for selecting a candidate they can always choose the referred persons rather than the normal lot. So this makes the situation disadvantageous for many capable candidates.
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