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    And this Jerry is not that intelligent

    We have seen the Tom and Jerry series of comedy and errors and Jerry used to be intelligent and Tom being troubled. But yesterday a rat which was hiding inside the big mixer jar could not make a come out and thus git caught easily and let out free. How it entered the jar is the intelligent question to be pondered over as it was kept upside down and since it was making noise we could figure out it made a trap of its own and thus let it go by catching it in a bag. And I thought Jerry is too intelligent but seems to be half-intelligent.
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    What must have happened for Jerry to be able to get under an upside-down jar is this - it must have pushed the jar around with its snout. In doing so, the jar slightly tilted upward, enough for Jerry to enter, and while scrambling around, the jar completely enclosed Jerry. Sometimes carelessness overcomes intelligence!

    Hope the jar was thoroughly washed and cleaned before being re-used.

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    The author has presented the narration in a creative and hilarious way. Good one. Sometimes our curiosities land us in problems. We also do such mistakes in our lives that without assessing the situation we jump into it and when we get trapped and see that there is no escape route then we simply repent on our haste. Though human beings are much superior to the animals as regards to the consciousness levels and brainpower, still, we also do such silly things in life for which we are blaming Jerry as half-intelligent. These creatures are having a low level of consciousness and it is common for them to fall in traps whether we intentionally make for them or they get entangled in some other such traps as mentioned by the author.
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    Maybe the rat dug its own grave by handing the jar which was kept there. It may be tried to play with it and get stuck. Even human beings also are not equally intelligent. Some may be more intelligent and some may be less. Same is the case with these animals also I think. Anyhow good thread from the author and he narrated the whole issue very nicely. Sometimes we will also be doing some silly mistakes which will make us get into a difficult situation. We don't know how we can come out from that situation and get caught by somebody else.
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    Tom is naughty, mischievous, smart who always irritates Jerry and she always tries to catch him for once and all. But every time she is left rubbing her hands in anger. Cartoon characters are shown on bigger canvass. They take viewers into a new world. Tom & Jerry is one of the most popular cartoon show. Children like it a lot. My daughter is fond of Tom & Jerry.

    Real Tom is not so smart as Tom of the cartoon. A stray Jerry visits my home daily from somewhere in the neighbouring area. It's very sluggish, she doesn't catch Tom. But as soon as she enters all rambling Toms run away from the spot.

    Author's Jar must be bigger for a small-sized Tom. Letting him gone is the sign of magnanimity. Often, these Tom & Jerry really create problems and they take us for granted.

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    First of all, my appreciation to the author Mohan for his ability in spinning out a thread from anything. Second, Mohan has really come with a thread having underlying subtle humour and provoking thoughts.
    Reading this thread I am reminded of a scene in an old Malayalam Movie named 'Kodiyettam". The character portrayed by Gopi (later Bharat Gopi) was waiting for bus on the road, dressed in new clothes of a newlywed groom. Just then a vehicle sped fast and splashed the muddy water from the road on his new clothes. Not minding that he looks at the speeding vehicle and remarks open-mouthed with awe ' what a speed".
    Here had it been a normal housewife, she would have worried about the rat (mice) nuisance and thought on plans to prevent it. But Mohan worries about how the mice got into the mixy-jar.
    This is an example to narrate that anyone will have a fall. Even the strongest have his weak point. In politics this strategy is used to trap and tame adversaries. Incidents of 'Hone trap' are more in present days.
    Recently I had seen a 'rat trap' (in a forward received in Whatsapp". That is a small mouth big bottle. The enticing food material is kept inside the bottle as well as near the bottle ad its mouth. The rats following the smell reach the bottle mouth and fall into it. They cannot escape from it. Here I think the mixer jar might have some food particles sticking to it or some other enticements which attracted the rat and by its own weight and movement, it got trapped.
    Rat traps are designed knowing where 'Jerry can go wrong".'

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    Of course the jar has been well washed before started to reuse the same.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Maybe here Tom played some role. Jerry was chased by Tom and somehow by fiddling with the mixer jar went inside it. Jerry never imagined that it will be another trap. After reading this interesting post I remembered a similar incident involving a dog. One afternoon, I heard a dog barking continuously but unable to locate from where the sound was coming. From the nature of barking, I guessed that the dog might be in trouble and I was looking around. Suddenly a young man came and opened the shutter of a shop situated on the other side of our apartment and a dog came out of it. After coming out of the shop it started wagging its tail and went near the man. I couldn't understand how it went inside the shop, though there remains a very small gap between the shutter and the entrance of the shop when it is closed. The same incident was repeated later on and at that time, I guessed it must be that dog which went inside the shop situated opposite our apartment and I found my guess correct. Seeing the size of the dog, I still can't understand how it can squeeze in the small gap that remains when the shutter is down and under lock and key.

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    Tom and Jerry is a famous cartoon show loved by kids and people of all age group tend it spare sometime on this show. The concept is very well connected to the real life and your observation skills are mindblowing.

    People sometimes move to deep sleep at night and cannot even think what happened when they open their eyes early morning, even when it day time they become just dum spectators. That is the reason elders suggested that one child or one senior citizen is necessary in a family to atleast create a small disturbance in turn creating havoc in the minds of buglars.

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