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    When TDP has no ground in Telangana then why participate in polls?

    The most expected GHMC civic body elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is going to be held on 1st Dec 2020 and all parties bracing to give a fighting finish. But what is astonishing me is the fact that TDP has become non recognized party in Telangana thanks to their pro Andhra stand and the party is nowhere seen in any activities and in this back drop it want to contest 140 divisions and released the first list of 90 candidates. Last time it won only seat of Kukatpally out of 92 contested. So TDP lost ground in Telangana.
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    True. There is no hold for TDP in Telanagana, these days. They need not contest for many posts. This will unnecessarily make the split in the opposition votes and help the ruling party to get the majority in GHMC elections. If there is an understanding between BJP, TDP and Prajasakthi, there will be a tough fight. Otherwise, if these three contest separately, TRS will have an advantage.
    Already the party released a list of candidates for about 90 seats. But the chances of winning are very remote. Probably the party may be thinking that the Andhra settlers in GHMC, who were the strong supporters of the party onetime, will support them. But there is a big change and now they may not go with TDP as they are thinking. Anyhow let us see what is going to happen.

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