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    Our future seems to be stored in drives

    With the more usage of internet on the anvil and with more data work being done, some of the files what we want to store for future references are stored in the drive and thus becomes easy to retrieve any information on the move and go. Now my thought goes to the worst situation if the drives go non functional and many soft ware companies stored their daily date activities in the drive would face the flak and does not have the back plan. What is your view on this. Do you also store all your documents and certificates in the drive.?
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    Yes. I store in drives. In addition to that, I will be strong in another device also so that if one goes wrong the other may work. Many companies will also have the system of storing in two places so that there will not be any problem. Even today many companies continue the practice of keeping hard copies of important information. IT companies may not have that system. But they will store in 2 or 3 different gadgets based on the importance of the information. I have many flash drives in which I stored all the required information. In addition to that, I have an external harddisk also in which all the information is stored.
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    It is quite unlikely, since all data is distributed over many data centers. However for digital protection of important documents one can keep a hard copy of all the data in either a backup drive or a hard disk with maximum security so that the data is not lost or stolen.

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    Keeping all the important data only in one disk is risky proposition and if the disk is corrupted then data can not be retrieved back. This is a big problem that many people have encountered in real life situations. It is necessary to keep the data at least in two places and some vital data in hard copy form. Nowadays many companies have started cloud storage and give it on rent. These are high security server spaces and they are giving some 5-10 GB Space as free to popularise it and many people are availing it. Some people have doubts on security aspect so they are storing general things there and important data in their disk only. For example general photographs or hobby material can be stored in the cloud servers. Common educational material which is required for reference once a while can be stored there.
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    Though companies may store the data in two places, but the usage of drive is relatively more.
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