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    By working 5 days in a week are they not incurring loss?

    Many software companies and private companies work for five days in a week and even the banks for half a day on Saturday. By having eight days off in a month the software company employees are really enjoying the life as they can attend to any outside works on Saturday and take rest on Sunday and even plan for short holiday trip for two days. That kind of enjoyment is not available to other employees and what I feel that by restricting five day work in a week are they not stopping more profit to them with extra manpower on Saturday.?
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    The clients of IT companies are mostly in countries like US, UK, Australia, etc,. Since the business days in these countries are 5 days per week, the servicing IT companies also work for 5 days only. The client will be paying the IT companies only for those 5 days and if required they will pay for some extra support hours as and when required. Please note not every IT employee is enjoying their life. A lot of IT people work very hard like 12+hours every weekday and a percentage of these people work sometimes weekends too as there will be support activities.

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    The concept of 5 days week was made in those countries where people work wholeheartedly on these 5 days and then enjoy 2 days by going out for picnics or camping or many such outdoor activities. They in fact have a movable bunk house with them which serves as a small house when they take it as a trailer with their car. This is not a thing to do in country like India. In fact we are a developing country and in our country even making Sunday as holiday is not a very good option because there are people who are ready to work on Sundays also as there is so much unemployment and poverty. It is really strange why we have gone for 5 day week. It is always a mystery to me to understand this paradox.
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    It's quite interesting to see this thread. Do we not want these employees to let enjoy two days of holidays. Should they also work like other employees who don't have a holiday on Saturday? The reason is given by the author that the company will not incur a loss. I do agree with him on his logic but when the company is ready to bear the loss then who we are to advise them.

    I think all the companies should apply this rule of 5 days week and HRD Ministry should take this issue in cognizance so that we might have uniformity in all sectors. We know that on the second Saturday court is closed but other government offices are opened. There should be uniformity, at least, in all government sector.

    But the same rule is applied to me ' Who am I to suggest HRD Ministry ?'

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    The concept of 7 days a week with one holiday on Sunday was the western culture and spread in the whole world when they were ruling all over the globe. So, this was an established system. There was nothing wrong with it. Now some people thought that employees should get 2 days holiday in a week and this will make them happy and their productivity will increase and family life will improve. These were the arguments forwarded by the supporters of this scheme. The lower employees especially in Govt sector welcomed this move and were very happy to have this windfall when they need not to work but would get salary for that one day. No Govt can do better than this gesture for its employees that to give them pay for the days they had not worked. This new system of 5 days in fact increased the problems of the senior officers and management as they had to request their subordinates to come to office on Saturday if some important work was there.
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    Whether it is 5 day week or 6 day week, the total working hours in a week will be the same for all the employees. But these days for IT employees who are working from home there is no time. Sometimes they are even working for 16 hours also. As they become seniors, their responsibilities will increase and they have to complete their tasks irrespective of the timing. Many IT companies will have foreign clients and those clients will work only 5 days a week. That may be the reason for 5 day week in Indian IT companies also. But the IT employees have to work even in odd hours based on the working time of their clients in other companies. My son will be attending the meeting online at midnight because his client was from the UK.
    Some manufacturing companies can't close down their operations even on Sundays. They have to run the plant 24X 7. In such companies, we will see people going to duty even on Sundays. They may be given a weekly off on another day. All depends on the requirements of the organisation.

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    After all, What is life on earth? Should we only work and keep working without any break? Should we not enjoy life? To enjoy life, we need some days not a single day? After working hard for 5 good days continuously, we are sparing our two days for enjoyment. Nothing wrong. It should be a standard rule in every organisation that they spare Saturday and Sunday for rest to relax and enjoy life with family, relatives and friends.

    Even our Armed forces have five working days only.

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