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    Why some people are so adamant?

    Some people are very adamant and are not ready to learn from the past experiences. The present corona threat is still looming over our heads and in many places it is coming back as a second wave or third wave but some people are still not ready to change their attitude and want to have life same way as earlier and do not want to compromise. Everyone likes fun, parties and functions but we can avoid them during this time and do our necessary functions in a simple and contained manner. These adamant people feel happy if Govt permits that for the marriage in their house or any other function they can call 500 people in place of 50. They do not have their own judgement of the things. If Govt is not imposing lockdown because the business is suffering and people are losing the earning it does not mean that everything is right outside. Until and unless people change their ways and understand the things in their real perspective, and avoid all unnecessary indulgences during this pandemic, we will be losing out to this sprawling virus. Even if one individual defaults, many would suffer because of that. Please give your views on this.
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    I completely agree with the author. Some people think that the world is going according to them and nothing can ever go wrong with them. It is a good thing to believe in yourself, but the prevailing atmosphere these days, the epidemic has made a place in every corner of the world, many families have lost their dear members and many are getting financially distressed. Despite all this, these adamant people are hurting themselves as well as others. It consists mostly of people who are counted among the good and respected people in the society, who are also ideal for society, but their negligence in the face of an epidemic like Corona is very condemnable.
    People are becoming disinterested in Corona, people are also negligent in wearing masks, not following the physical distance law. Daily congestion is increasing in markets, hospitals, and other crowded places. People are not avoiding going to a crowded place. In the past, the increase of cases back in Delhi is the result of this negligence.

    Swati Sharma

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    I agree with the author I have been observing it too that the most of the people are not following guidelines prescribed by ministry of health, government of India. I would call them as careless and negligent. I still use face mask but when I go to market or such places I find myself as an odd man out of them because hardly anyone wears mask. Even police men who are on duty at different places either they have no masks or their masks get slipped down chin. When these people will not follow guidelines how we can expect from common people .

    The author has mentioned about marriage functions she is perfect in saying about them. Corona virus is spreading again. India is on top in the world. Instead of learning a lesson from lockdown we became careless and indifferent to precautions.

    Political parties are also responsible for this carelessnes of people. Lately Bihar election was held. Where was the election commission? It didn't take notice of magnitude of gathering and huge crowd. We , common people, are entirely powerless and voiceless.
    When the people see that Our leaders are not taking caring of virus they assume that there is no virus of this disease in our country.

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    The author is correct. There are many people who never think about even their own safety. Why the government has to tell them about their health and safety. Why can't they think on their own about their own issue. This is either innocence or ignorance. I feel this is ignorance only. They feel nothing will happen and they will never take care. I have seen many people like this in this pandemic situation. When somebody suggests them also they don't care and go ahead in their own way.
    We see these days many people on the roads without masks. They are putting other people also at risk, Political parties will have their own strategies. But we should think about our safety. The pandemic may not care for politicians also. We know that many politicians are also suffering from this virus.

    always confident

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    Rightly said by the author. Now a days what I am observing educated or uneducated all are behaving in same manner. Even they are not caring about their own safety. They are Roaming hither and tither without mask. They are not only putting their own life at risk but other also. if now people don't understand this situation then what would happen as second wave has started of corona virus and third wave is going to start. Many lakh people have killed till now due to this virus throughout world. Our govt trying a lot from spreading this disease. But, Most of the people not taking any kind of precautions and safety measures. In festival, what has been seen as people are shopping like normal days. They are celebrating in such a way as everything is normal. A lot of people gathering at one place during festivals. So. situation is not good. People must understand this pandemic otherwise situation would be out of control.

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    Some people are adamant by nature. They will never agree with anyone. They will put forth very strange arguments and points just to defeat the other person and in doing so they derive a sadistic pleasure. It is a psychological condition in which the ego of the person is hurt if he amicably agrees with others. It is a sort of mental disease. It is very difficult to deal with such people as they will give counter to all our argument. But if we do same behaviour with them they will become angry and start complaining that we are going against their wishes. It is better to avoid these creatures and try not to argue with them.
    Knowledge is power.

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