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    New idea to change motor tyres into swings

    Yong lady Puja Rai of Banglore is one of the entrepreneur who along with her friends innovated an idea of recycling and use old tyres and drums as swings and installed them park for young children. They focus on those areas where poor people live and children have no accessibility to parks and those parks which are deserted .

    When they first introduced their swings to a park voluntarily it was liked by people. Gradually they began to receive offers from schools. They organise workshop for people and encourage them to use old itmes instead of dumping them somewhere in heap of garbage.Their idea of recycling is getting popular. They have worked for corporates also. Several companies are funding them now.
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    It is a good idea. Used tyres can be converted as swings in the parks. We should appreciate the inventor of this idea. The expenditure will be less and there will be a good use of the material and we need not recycle that material as long as we are using the same.
    In our house, we have four or five tyres. My wife kept them on the terrace of the house and filled the centre space of the tyre with red soil and she planted some small plants in that and watering daily. The plants are coming up nicely. Probably after some time, we shift that plant with soil into a mud pot and again a new plant will be planted in this by filling new soil.

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    Using old items for some good use is a great idea and it solves many problems of disposing the garbage which is being accumulated in such big quantity because of todays use and throw life style. There was a time when people used everything till its last moment and it was fun to put back a bad equipment in working condition or some old appliance to use as new. I have seen that time and I am still in that mind set and many times am successful in turning an old item as new for use. Today the culture and habits of people who can afford new items is changed drastically and they simply dump an old thing in the garage and bring a new item in house. Who does not want to use a new item? But when old can give good service why go for new. So different people have different approach in these matters. I came to know that in Bangalore one entrepreneur agency collected used flowers from all the temples and it is very huge in quantity and converted it in disposable environmentally friendly bags. So only these entrepreneur people are thinking in those lines and others are only believing in buy new and discard the old.
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    It is really great thought from Puja Rai of garden city, Bangalore who along with her friends innovated an idea of recycling and use old tyres and drums as swings and installed them at parks for poor children to play and enjoy. Invariably I have seen that the poor children are not getting access to play in the park as most of the park's playing equipment are used and enjoyed by the rich and middle class children and thus they just watch others enjoying and they would not make swings. Probably this might have encouraged Puja Rai to think differently and help the poor to have access of swings in her own moderate way. Surely such simple thoughts must be given a big applaud as we want to see the ray of hope and happiness in all children but getting the happiness on the face of poor children could be made possible with such great gestures.
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