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    Do you check your emails daily?

    Consider this a special request from me. I would like all of you to check your profile account and update it with your current email ID and one that you use regularly. When a contest is organized and I decide to put in some special element in it that requires a participant to contribute to it, I will need to communicate with you through that email ID. You see, I genuinely do like organizing contests and there is a certain gleeful, childish excitement at throwing in something unexpected. Now if you have provided an email ID that you are not checking, then the whole concept of the special element fizzles out and I am left disappointed. Due to conceptualizing a contest with some time schedule, I may not be able to select another participant in a timely manner.

    Another thing is that sometimes I feel the necessity to explain how to submit content in an article effectively to fetch traffic or inform somebody about the need to check content in the forum or some other section for English errors. Whether I use the ISC messaging system or communicate with you through my official email, it is the email ID that you have given is where you will get the alert message from me. Now if you are not going to bother to check your email how will you get my messages? I am not expecting any thanks for any sort of guidance that I am giving, but it is exasperating when I continue to see the mistakes despite my message and I just have to conclude that you have not seen my message at all.

    So I have two requests - one, update your email ID; two, make it a point to check it regularly, if not daily, then at least every two days, especially when there is an ongoing contest.

    I would seriously like to know if you have provided an email ID that you do check frequently.
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    I had already registered my email ID with ISC. I am not checking my email daily but definitely within 3-4 days I have to visit it to find some important messages or information. Sometimes we get so many unsolicited mails also and it so happens that we have to go back at least 30-40 messages to cover the new genuine ones. In the crowd of so many we sometimes miss some important one. We have to be careful in that and may be spend a bit more time there.
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    The mail ID I have given in ISC is the correct email ID and there is no change in its. I am always getting alert emails about my AE posts. That confirms that I have given the correct email ID only.
    I am a regular visitor to my emails. In a day I will see all my accounts at least 3 times. I open the emails on my smartphone also. So whenever I am on move I will be opening my emails and checking them. This is my habit. Generally, I never miss any of my emails.

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    It is my daily routine to check my e-mail box immediately after opening the net. I have given my correct e-mail ID to ISC, and I never failed to respond. When I conduct a contest, I have a different e-mail ID to use exclusively for the contest only.
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    I'm also checking my emails daily. My email id is mentioned on ISC. My email has been my main component in the journey of ISC. I hope this will help me more while contributing to ISC under the guidance of great editors!

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    Sorry I am not checking my e mails regularly and many a times I get complaints from other for not referring the e mails consistently. Since the spam messages are more and wanted to delete them one day, I am not finding time to make sure that my e mails are not with filth and garbage messages and thus I stopped visiting my emails unless and until special mentions are made to verify. What I suggest that every member should make separate e mail by suffixing their name with ISC and form a new ID so that it would be easy for everyone to have contacts and the regular mails need not be disturbed. For example my e mail ID could be
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I have changed my official email id now, hence I am not able to check both personal and official mails due to time and power constraints. I will update it accordingly.
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    I have registered my email ID here which I regularly check. Also there is an already in my phone . Notification of any new mail pops up and I select whatever mail I have to check. This way I get easy to delete the spasm mails and also it saves my time alot.

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    The reason for raising this thread - the surprise element that I had planned to introduce in the Diwali ebook contest fizzled out due to an email communication not being responded to by one of the participants!
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