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    How to edit or replace the existing course in a college

    In some colleges some courses are mentioned but only the name of course is mentioned and details are not there. If I want to edit it or replace it with the same course with detailed information then how to do it.
    Can I add same course with details so that during verification the concerned editor would be deleting the earlier blank one? Is it possible or there is some other way to do it?
    The experienced members or concerned editors may please resolve this query. Thanks.
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    I will confirm this with the admin. of how to update details for an existing course, whether it can be done through the update info feature as we do for a college or school. It would not be proper to delete an already submitted course since points have been allocated to it and, in some cases, cc as well.

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    Vandana, thanks for the quick response. I want to mention one more thing that generally a detailed course will have its author also mentioned on the top line where points are also written. But some of the courses are just the heading of the courses and might be done sometime in past as a matter of information only. I think those can be opened for editing, may be on the request, as many such would be there. There is no author for them and no points.

    Another possibility is sometimes new members not knowing the detailed process will just write the name of the course and leave other fields as blank and that would remain like that for some time and then closed for editing. I had also done this in the beginning in one college (L S M Govt PG College) and that is now locked for me also to access and edit those courses to make them complete in all respect.

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    Vandana, Is there any update in this matter? I am struck at 2-3 places in course updating. If some way is there, I could complete that submission. Hope, I get some help in the matter so that my incomplete task is done.
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    We have taken up the work to review the courses. Since the latest ones come in the queue first, the ones of earlier years will come later. Hence I suggest that for now instead of editing your own earlier courses with fresh content, you could stick to submitting courses at college pages where these are absent. That way, your new submissions will get cleared first.

    If you have recently edited any previous courses that you had submitted, we can review them out of the queue as a one-time exception if these are only a few. So you can mention the URL in a response here.

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    Ok. Thanks. I understand the process and status as on today. I will avoid now editing the incomplete courses which were submitted by me long back and wait for things to come to current course levels. As per my record the one old one pertaining to the year 2018 which I have edited recently is -
    M.Sc. Physics course in D S B College, Nainital.

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    The information that you have provided about the course could not be confirmed from the brochure link that you have given. Can you provide the college website's section from where you obtained the details of the course?

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    The link for Physics department, DSB College, Kumaun University is -

    There is a menu on the top - About Department/Faculty/Syllabus and clicking on the syllabus will bring the brochure on the screen which is in PDF form.

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    I will check it out, thanks. Henceforth please do not give direct links to external sites in the forum. Simply give the URL in text form if instructed to do so. Only in articles, we encourage external links (with 'target-blank' attribute) to educational institutes. In the forum, we allow external links to high-end sites such as when providing guidance regarding a Google AdSense policy.
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    Deleted the response. It was a misplaced response.
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    Vandana, I forgot about that instruction that we should not give external link in forum response. I simply made a HTML link and submitted. Anyway, noted for future. This course issue has really become much cumbersome to understand and as we do not get any alert for it so it becomes impossible to track it. I think time being things are resolved and if you feel alright then this thread can be locked. Thanks.
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