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    Is it necessary to acknowledge messages always?

    A little while ago I spoke about checking emails regularly in the context of ISC. This thread is a general discussion on a somewhat related aspect.

    We often share a joke or a photo or convey a piece of news through WhatsApp. Some people expect us to react in some way, perhaps through an emoji or a message and get annoyed if we don't do so, even expecting that we should do so right away and not after many hours or the next day. In my opinion, is it really necessary to give a reaction, whether immediately or at some later point? I do think it is basic courtesy to say thanks for a congratulatory message or when somebody wishes you on your birthday, anniversary, a festive occasion, and the like. Even in the current pandemic scenario if somebody asks a simple how are you, it would be good to reply as obviously the sender is anxious. Otherwise, though, I feel it is not really necessary to send back a reply or post an emoji to each and every message/image. The two blue ticks indicate that I have seen it, isn't that enough?

    In contrast to my aforementioned view, in the case of an SMS or an email, I do feel it would be nice to acknowledge receipt of a message, whether or not it is conveying wishes or something else. Communication itself indicates a two-way process, isn't it? Otherwise, it is akin to talking with oneself! If you do not wish to communicate at all, then also I feel one should be clear and frank rather than let the other person feel neglected, perhaps even troubled about the reason for the lack of acknowledging messages.
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    To understand it simply, I would say that there are two main things in communication. One is messages for action, and the other is messages for information. All the messages for action should be acknowledged. Any message of information need not be acknowledged. Messages of important information may be acknowledged with the word 'Thanks'.
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    All messages need not be replied. Some people will be replying for each and every message. Some people may be forwarding some quotes. We need not acknowledge that. If you are really impressed you may mention that.
    But if the messages are for you only on a special occasion, it is our courtesy to reply to such messages. On the days festivals and other important dates, many of our relatives and friends may be sending us best wished. It is our minimum duty to reply and say thanks to the. We should not ignore such messages.
    It is always better to acknowledge our emails and messages which are specific to use. But some general circulars and other information required to many people may be sent as a group message. I feel replying to such messages may not be a must.

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    Many messages in WhatsApp come under the category 'messages yearning for appreciation".
    The expect a thumbs up emoji, an applauding emoji or some such kind. Unfortunately these type messages and their responses are flooding the social media especially FB and WhatsApp. Probability that is why now WhatsApp has come with 'Disappearing message".

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    I usually avoid replying to forwarded messages on WhatsApp but if the message is sent via text, I do reply. I do reply to birthday wishes and other congratulatory messages as it is really important to acknowledge the receipt of wishes. I am really happy with this new "Disappearing messages" feature on Whatsapp as now I will not need to delete the long old messages manually.

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    This is not always necessary to respond to a message. Few messages are like that we just read them and enjoy but there are messages which we write with an intent and really need a receiver to respond to them. I have few friends whom I message but they don't respond. It's vert upsetting when they don't but with the time I have understood that they just ignore messages so I have stopped doing messages to them. It's of no use when the people don't respond to the messages.

    In my opinion I would say one should have a courtesy to respond to the messages.


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    Nowadays email has become a crowded place and it is very difficult to isolate the important from the trash. At the same time there might be important messages from the agencies or consulting agents where we have given some work. We might miss these important communications. It is better to scan the emails at least once in 2-3 days so that they do not accumulate and create a mess later on.
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