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    Is another lockdown imminent ?

    The effect of the virus of a worldwide pandemic is once again seen to be accelerating. A large number of new cases across the globe are once again rising. Britain and France have already taken a step to impose lockdown. Now a question is rising if India will also clamp another phase of lockdown

    Although several Indian states have clamped lockdown at night if the people keep on showing indifference possibilities of spreading virus can't be denied. As of now the situation is not out of control and we don't need to be worried but this reality can't be ignored that second wave of this incurable disease has started in India. Cases are on surge unstopping. It's not a good omen for us.
    In Delhi, the situation is quite grim. Government has issued orders to wear a mask and mind physical distancing. If anybody found without mask may be fined. Situation may. worsen if we are not careful about upcoming danger.
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    Many people are not bothered or not caring for this and indulging in all sort of social gatherings and functions and are not taking the precautions and due to that the virus is again spreading wherever it gets opportunity to move from one person to another. If Govt announces lockdown then the most suffered are the daily labourers who are dependent on their daily earnings for the evening food. Industries and business are also suffering. People are becoming jobless as companies will tell that go to your house and we will call you when lockdown is over. So we are in a big dilemma. But if the virus spreads much more then lockdown is inevitable.
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    The attitudes of both educated and illiterate in most of the case in relation to maintain alertness of the corona pandemic is casual. I don't mean that they are not aware of the steps to be taken in the current situation. Despite the fact that the number of affected persons are on the rise, no seriousness in this regard is being seen from their end. The two essential parameters keeping a safe distance of at least one meter and using the appropriate mask are not being followed by the majority of the people.
    The Delhi Government has even announced slapping of fine to the extent of Rs 2000/- from the existing Rs 500/- in the event of non wearing of masks. Strangely instead of taking this of issue seriously, some are blaming the government of unreasonable increase of the fine. They are ignoring the concern of the government to keep the virus in check.
    If such an attitude of the people prevails, the days are not too far off of clamping in the next clamp down.

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    It seems to be so. We can see in almost all cities the people are assembling without following the social distance, wearing mask etc., moving out without any reason. Trains, buses, beaches, public places found crowded as earlier without moral fear in them.

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    This is the question many people are having in their minds. Cases are on rising in many countries. Some countries already announced lockdown. Many doubts are coming into the minds of many people.
    As on date in India, the cases are coming down. If the same situation continues the number of cases may drop down to less than 10,000 a day. But in Delhi and some other north Indian states, there is an increasing trend. Some people say this may further go up. Hence many people are thinking that there may be a lockdown in our country also. The economy is improving and slowly the situation is coming to normal. But if there is any lockdown again the things will go bad. All the people should understand the severity of the problem and follow all the guidelines. No movement outside unnecessarily and always mask should be there covering our nose and mouth. Social distancing is a must. We should not undertake unnecessary journeys.

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    I think there is a possibility there in India too. People in many cities and places casually taking the pandemic situation. Because of weather change and more humidity in the atmosphere, the virus may easily spread further and disrupt the lives of Indian people. If the second wave starts, there is no other way for the government to clamp lockdown again at least in red zone areas to combat the spread. Hope that such a situation may not arise again.

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    We have let the things loose. Lockdown won't help us. We failed to impose lockdown initially in a systematic manner when the pandemic broke out. Now we are surrounded by the deadly virus whose incubation period is 14 days. Lockdown is not a solution. Each and everyone should be disciplined to break the virus chain.
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    Lockdown is a forcing measure and it is not necessary if people cooperate and take some basic minimum precautions. It is disheartening to note that some people are taking it in a lighter way. This is the time of adhering to some discipline and order in our lives. We should not get tempted by the functions, gatherings, group mixing, having fun with friends, outing with a group, and many such indulgences which are actually to be totally forbidden.
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