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    Suggest me a good business to make money with what I have now.

    I have cash of Rs. 5 lakh with me. It is the money I saved for many long years. Now I would like to make use of that money to start a business and make money. I expect a daily income of minimum Rs. 2500/- per day. I do not want to lose my capital amount. It should remain intact, but fetch me the target money of Rs. 2500/- per day.

    Can you suggest a business that I can start with? So that I remain active and busy making my target money.
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    Along with the investment, a lot of hard work also needed to earn something that we desire. With one time investment, you can earn daily means according to my idea is, a tent house, chairs, utensils supplying a house for functions. One time you spend for acquiring all these goods for supply and regularly you can earn on that without working much hard. The goods that you bought at the beginning become an asset for you. You may not need that huge 5 lakhs amount and if you establish your tent house in a busy area or town you can definitely earn what you estimated.

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    Ramakrishna, but for that someone needs a space to keep all these things but that's really a good business suggestion you have given.

    Though 5 lac is small amount one can invest for a business but still have an option like opening a rented shop of clothes/Pooja material/general store or anything.


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    First of all, make a market survey on the products which has demand in a place where you will set up your office or business entity. The place selected should be a busy area.
    Secondly, work out on the number of persons and time schedules to be spent on your business.
    The fastest moving are bakery food stuffs, chats, stationery, internet browsing centres with filling forms and applications for various jobs or higher education abroad. See which is your chunk of cake where you have the best knowledge with before deciding on any of the above. Our suggestions can support your idea but final decision should be yours.

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    In Kirana business, continuous input is needed, with a lot of competition at present, the profits may not be that much as in the past. With Big basket, Amazon, D Mart, Wallmart, Reliance Mart, and Flipkart grocery supplies, where a lot of discounts and cashbacks, this Kirana business becoming much disliked by people now.

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    Many people have an ambition to do some business to earn income on the capital employed. The question you have asked is in the minds of many of us only thing is you have frankly asked for it. First thing about the business, which I would like to say is that today whichever field you try to enter you would find a crowd there and a cut throat competition. That is the reason most of the retired people simply dump their money in some savings or FD scheme and sit without any job managing with the interest or pension income whatever they are getting. Business requires not only hard work but a scope in the area in which one is thinking to operate. In spite of all these bottlenecks, there are areas where one can think of venturing and some of them are -
    1. Becoming a reseller for big online stores like Amazon.
    2. Home food catering service.
    3. Open a coaching or tuition centre.
    4. Some wholesale agency (may be in construction business or fast consumable material).

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    As of today kirana and provision business is more fetching as there is a strait profit of 40 percent on many products and even more in some products. You can have the stock from the super stockists and you have to take monthly orders from the customers and supply the same. There need not be many members as the profit margin is high serving for limited members is enough. You are not only going to get forty percent profit of daily turnover and also willing members may part with service charges as per their will. All you need is the stock arranging capacity to the concerned members in time and the income is more than the expectation.
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    If you have a social behaviour and speak to all the people at your residential area, kirani shop is the best business. You can add special discounts from time to time to beat the competition from other existing shops so that you also maintain business ethics. You can provide those things which will not be available to them at a nearest place. The items can be decided by you are you are the resident of that place having better knowledge.
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    If you receive 2500 visitors per day then you may earn 2500 per day from Google Adsense. But for that you may have to wait for 1 year min. Also, if you have good luck you may be able to earn lot more.

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    You can think of trading. You can become a dealer for some good products and receive the material from the company and distribute it to the retailers. You can also think of trading chemicals and mechanical items to various industries. You can be a dealer to the manufacturer and supply to the industrial users.
    If you have good contacts with some doctors and medical shops, you can take up the marketing of medicines manufactured by a well-established company like Pfizer, Himalaya and other similar companies.
    You can also think of cement and construction materials distribution if you have some known builders who will take material from you.

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    Market lending is the best way to earn such returns. In fact the return you expect is a very nominal per cent and is practical if you have some business knack and you select right clients.
    I had seen many people in my place who were in such market lending (rotation) business. I had seen them grow in riches and acquire wealth. Of course I do not know the exact figures etc as I am not a businessman and did not have any personal experience n such borrowing or lending. But my knowledge is from what I had heard and gathered from different people and sources.
    The practice was to lend a sum of say an amount of ten thousand rupees in the morning and collect Eleven thousand rupees in the evening. The traders in the market need huge amounts of money to pay the truck loads when they arrive. The whole business is done in ready cash. This is mainly in the vegetable market. The trucks arrive very early. They unload and had to be paid then and there. So the traders borrow money from the local market lenders who will be ready there. The 'hot' cash is taken and paid to the truckers. By evening the whole stock is re-sold either in wholesale or retail or both and cash is back. The borrowed money is repaid and the net profit is pocketed by the trader.
    I had not heard any story of cheating. I heard that even women were engaged in such market lending.
    Such business is also prevalent in many similar markets including fish , wood etc auction markets.
    SuN, you can try that business.
    You can earn much more than 2500 per day. If you are a little smart and prudent, you can make five lakhs(your capital) back within three months and take it back and then run the business from the profit alone.
    Tempting., isn't it. It is definitely possible.

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    5 lac is not a very amount big to start a business with, however, some small scale business may be stared as other members have suggested. I suggest you that you contact wholesale suppliers of edible- children's item, seek their help if they can:
    - Introducation to local /area representatives of of different production companies.
    - Introduction to local sales-men who are working in the field.
    - Introduction to items on demand in the market
    - Knowledge of estimated investment

    If they don't help you, then you can visit where/in which city/area the production companies are established in large number, visit the area/city and meet to all them in person. And purchase edible items consumed by children. They will guide you sincerely, I hope so.
    - Consult the shopkeepers who can introduce you to local sales people. You can hire young boys as sales boys also.
    - You should have a big storeroom where you can place all products systematically.
    - Initially, invest maximum Rs 3 lac
    - Salesmen will take items from you in morning they will go shop to shop, you have to nothing to do except writing down type, number, quantity of given items in a note book. They will come back in evening and will return unsold items and they will pay you the money after taking their commission.
    - This business may be suitable for you because you can do it from your home also if you have storage facility at home. Even your other family members can help you.
    - Once your business come on track you just make a call to production companies to send you items they will send you by transport.

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    No risk no gain. As per your idea, You want 5 lakh rs intact and hence no business you can do without investing rs.
    You just can try FD in bank etc

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