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    Which is the comfortable corner of your house, for a student to study?

    We can observe that half year has passed by within no matter of time. Teachers struggle to teach, students struggle to learn but time does not stop for anyone. Students feel comfortable and at ease when they sit in a place which best suits them to study without disturbance, improves their concentration levels too.

    Students may arrange their study space by themselves or by parents support. Could you specify the best suitable place in your house where your ward was and is comfortable as a student?
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    Two years back, I constructed my house. My house is east facing. In that, I have provided space for my Pooja room and study room at the Southwest corner of the house. It is called Kanni Moola which is an auspicious position for the Pooja room and study room. It has ventilation from the south and the west. I sit facing east and study or operate my desktop computer.
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    For a regular ranker and excelling student, he can study from any corner of the house or the school. What needed is the urge to study, compete and score the great marks and for the regular toppers the do not prefer comforts of life and even adjust with just comforts for studying. Some people go as per vastu and make the reading room more spacious and that right place of the home but when the child is not interested to make a come back in education with good rank then what is the use of such modern way of creating the reading room that is made for the show case but not for real use. What I feel that study room should be away from the drawing, dining and kitchen and thus even any of the bedroom can make a good study room to concentrate and then sleep, its all depends on how we prepare to study and move.
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    Does getting good rank mean that the child is interested in studies? How may of us were getting ranks while we were in primary or secondary education?
    Is it because the room is created spaciously that the student should get a rank? Can we really follow this in the real sense of life?

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    A persons' learning ability depends more on the capability of the individual in concentrating and focusing on the study. If you sit with a book in the hand but never keep your mind on the book, it is a waste. Wherever you sit, you can't learn if there is no concentration.
    My aunt who did her PhD in Literature can concentrate in any situation. She used to sit between the 4 or 5 children who were making noise, even then she was able to concentrate and learn fast. I can't concentrate on my study if there is any disturbance. That is why I used to get up at 4 AM and study. This timing will also vary from person to person.
    In my house, I have a guest room in the northwest corner of the house. Mine is a duplex house. The bedrooms of my two sons are on the first floor and my bedroom on the ground floor. This guest room is also on the ground floor. This guest room will also be used as a library. All my books are kept in that room and we use that room as our study room.

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    According to me the house persons should cooperate with studying children by not disturbing them in the following ways:
    1. They should avoid watching television even without sound.
    2.They should avoid talking over phone or mobile without valid reason.
    3.They should not call them till the study found over for any reason even for tiffin/ lunch/dinner. We can control our love affection till the study is over for that day.
    4.We should go out of the place/room if any guests or relatives came.

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    Concentration depends on student's approach towards studies along with a behavioural practice. If we lay down too much restrictions then it may hinder their studies again, as some space for freedom is also necessary.
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    Why I recommended the southwest corner of the house is - There won't be any movement of family members crossing the area, because it is in the rear corner. Also, according to Vastu Sashtra, the pooja room and study room should be located at the southwest corner only.
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    The room or part of the house where there is minimum disturbance and maximum silence is to be chosen for study corner. It should be the room on one side of the house rather than the front side where guests are coming or hawkers are coming or delivery boys are coming. The students should not be allowed to sit in a room bolted from inside. They should be in sight of the parents.
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    It is agreed that children should be visible to parents. While they are attending the classes there is a tendency that they get dehydrated or tired hence care has to be taken.
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