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    Self evaluation is lost due to time constraint-Do you agree?

    We all are having busy schedules which has merged our work specifications due to work from home. We have to maintain a balance with our official and family related tasks. The clock just strikes an hour after another, finally it's dawn, end of the day. Giving preferences to our work becomes a cumbersome task leading to chaos.

    Self evaluation is an important aspect in every individual's life whether he is a student or she is a housewife, head of the family and so on. Do you really have set up a date and time for this evaluation? If so, what are questions or strands that you would putforth to yourself? Can you name any two for a student and for yourself? Comment.
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    Self-evaluation is always very important but I don't think you need to fix a date or time for that. It has to be a continuous process and for our growth it is essential. I would say it is not time-constraint and those who are really concentrating on their works do evaluate their performances all the time. This self-evaluation is not about how much you gained. It is rather to analyze how you are going to reach your goal and if you are facing some difficulties how to find a solution to that. The problem with many of us is we remain worried all the time regarding when to reach the target but we have no plan to reach the target. Whether you are a student or a professional, you should plan your work and follow the plan. At the end of the day sit for a while and think whether you are able to follow the plan and if not what modifications in the plan is required. If you do not have any plan and continue working, you will never know whether you are going in the right way or still how far you need to go to reach your target.

    My questions would be very simple like am I really following the plan? If not why I am unable to follow the plan? If I am already following a plan is it possible to modify it in a way to complete the task more efficiently?


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    Well said Sankalan Bhattacharya, having said that self evaluation is a continous process can you let me know how a student can evaluate himself?
    When and what are the questions a student has to ask to himself?

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    What is the base of self evaluation for a non student? Does the author has any specific premises in her mind so someone could conclude syllogism. There is specific evaluation method for students and after a certain time this evaluation process is conducted by school whether it's online or offline what progress they have done during this period is evaluated and promoted accordingly but what about non students. How much was earned in today's sale a shopkeeper or a small trader can evaluate his business every night before he sleeps. A common man can evaluate what he did today. Did he help people Did he make any crying person laugh? He can scale his morality by asking such questions to himself.

    But the author seems to be a teacher by profession and she expects students-related some evaluation points from the members.
    I think the chapters which have been taught to students between Monday to Friday a set of objective type questions chosen out of them can be asked to all students on saturday to evaluate what they have grasped during these days or dividing them into two teams a quiz can be held on Saturday.

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    I would not agree with the author's perception that self evaluation is lost due to time constraint. Who is asking you to dedicate whole lots of time for self evaluation? Just few minutes before the sleep would be the right way to analyses the failures and set backs of the day that went as to where we gone wrong. was there a life system failure,. was there a interference from out side forces to which we have no access nor ever perceived , was there a deliberate attempt on our progress and achievement from the enemies who are toeing our every step and preventing with road block with their overtures moves. These are the questions that must flash in our mind before going to bed and surely the answers would be visible to our mind and that is enough to take corrective steps the next day and that would a very good day to live and get going.
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    Self-evaluation is an important aspect of our progress in the right direction. It will be a guide for us to know whether we are on our right path or not.
    When we are travelling to a destination we have to see that we are on the right path. Earlier days we used to stop the vehicle and ask the bypassers about the route. These days Google Maps are helping us in this and we are trying to be on the right path always, If we don't do this and go in a wrong path, we will lose a lot of time and efforts and we may reach the destination very late.
    In the same way, if we are not reviewing our efforts once in a while we may go in the completely wrong path and our goal may be an unreached goal forever. So you should reserve some time for self-evaluation. If we don't do that at the end of the day we will find that we put our efforts in the wrong way and already we lost time. So one should never say I have no time for self-evaluation.

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    I agree with the author. We must recognize our own shortcomings and goodies. We should not think of ourselves as the most knowledgeable and should not be considered low quality, but we should evaluate ourselves properly, therefore our own evaluation is the best way. If we recognize our personality then nothing can stop us from moving forward because we have the right to understand which path is right for us, and which one is appropriate for us to understand. The intense desire to learn opens the doors of our progress. Brings new opportunities to us. The importance of considering yourself worthy, intelligent takes us back. Humility, modesty, spontaneity, simplicity enhance our personality.

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    Self-evaluation is done on a daily basis, what more does a person want? If he or she is able to do that, then we will have many successful people around us. That is a fantastic practice and is good to be followed by all.
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    Time is the essence of all our activity schedules and other actions. We have to accommodate everything within the given time frame. I would also say that self assessment is not a separate entity from our work as we have to time to time do introspections and find out what were the deficiencies in our handling a job that we did not get the requisite results. So between different tasks there will be a mandatory self assessment of last one.
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    Human mind is a very powerful machine and actually speaking self evaluation or self assessment is always going on in parallel to our activities in the back of our mind. We are blessed with enormous consciousness and mental power and it is no surprise that human minds are capable of doing so much parallel processing which even the latest computers cannot.
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    It is really wonderful to hear the human minds are better than computers in relation to self-evaluation but we cannot perform two tasks together.
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    Sharada@#715609, I am sure the student has a goal. The goal may not be limited only to scoring good marks but on various aspects of knowledge. It can also be about personal growth in terms of realising things. If the student follows a strict routine it is always good and in the routine, a time has to be fixed for self-evaluation. Evaluating daily progress and setting new targets is a good way. If there is any difficulty, either in studies or related to emotional issues the student needs to analyze and seek help accordingly. Questions should not be limited to how far he has reached, the student should also ask himself whether he likes or not what he is doing. If he doesn't like what are the things he likes and what kind of help he requires to progress in the field he likes? Asking various questions and looking for answers after the proper analysis is what the student can do.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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