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    When did you last let your imagination run wild?

    Imagine some caring and sharing between two young people. The man is 30 years old and the girl is just 27. Some thirty months into their happy married life, on the weakends, they just spend the day, in their own words " to be". That is just be their natural selves. There is s tacit understand that one will never ever crticize each other. They would share household chores and explore a new vegetarian dish, thanks to a YouTube video of a well known expert. The wife Kannada in addition to Tamil and Hindi but the husband does not know Kannada as he is knew to Bangalore.

    Guess what happened? At least two vidoes of their experiences with a common friend, and the videos say it all. The wife does some craft work and the husband is all appreciative of the effort. The wife does one dish taught by her mother, both share responsibilities in getting the new dish done as per YouTube videos and the atmosphere is informal and pretty relaxed-- a sure sign that there was enough scope for one's imagination running wild--particularly when not much of planning goes into how to spend the whole day; yet, the young professionals have their own ways of enjoying their life.
    They are quite imaginative and sometimes quite creative as well. The sharing and caring comes so naturally. However, the informal atmosphere and the possibility of any clash or ego trantrum is seemingly zero. After one starts becoming older, it is wise to learn from the young couples.
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    I really don't understand what the author wants to convey and know from the members. The thread title and the summary inside has no relevance. There are many couples on this earth who work together in cooperation without any friction and ego, and lead a happy life until their death.
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    There is very less space in a human brain to think of dreams, imagination. Everything is spoon fed and the information is readily available in youtube and google that the very aspect of sharing thoughts, expressing joy is lost and individuality is given more preference hence ego will not come into their way. Each one has the freedom to watch and enjoy the videos than share feelings in reality.

    This is what I understood from the author's words, hope I am in line with his thoughts.

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    The author has written about a happy couple. Both are cooperative to each other, share their responsibilities in house . They are imaginative as well as creative. Their married life is 30 months old etc.

    People ,sometimes,are imaginative because what they can't do in real life can do in imagination. It's a natural phenomenon. It takes them to a different world where everyone can be a super human. When couple is not married they are seen living in imagination but after marriage imagination disappears but this couple menationd in this thread is quite amazing that even after more than 2 years they can live in imaginations. But perhaps the author does not mean what I'm writing about them . he means to say that their imaginations are related to their creativity which has positive connotations.

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    Imagination is related to the kind of freedom that they have to express themselves. Imagination is related to the caring and sharing that they have expressed through the videos on a weekend. Imagination is related to the thought process of happily spending the weekend together, but consciously acknowledging that one will not criticize the other when they go about doing what they did.

    Imagination is related to the small pockets of happiness that automatically happens when people do the kind of small things described in the thread. It is one thing to imagine the consequence of one's actions. It is another thing to understand that when "to be" situations are so natural, the magic of happiness results, quite automatically. Both are professionally qualified; they earn fabulous salaries. Both are known to me personally. When I live so far away, when they share vidoes of such happiness, every moment becomes nice to me now.

    I somehow get a feeling that we could not have even imagined the autocratic men who would have not let their wives "to be" at all. This generation is different. To even imagine that these young people know exactly what it takes to be happy, with the best of emotional intelligence that is so obvious, is itself a nice thought.

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    SuN Sir is not able to understand; the generation that is now alive, and now over sixty years of age, have been schooled in a thought process where the man has certain things to do and the wife has certain roles. For example, cooking. Yes. The woman may be happy. But she cannot even imagine a day when the husband will enter the kitchen and wash vessals or share the responsibility of cooking a fresh dish; it was a compromise from the woman's side.

    Never ever say that this did not happen. My intent after seeing the vidoes and after congratulating them for having imagined a day of happiness, was to share a thought on what I totally endorse as " to be" situations shared by such young professional couples. I know many such couples who plan and execute strategies in any new situation. For example, since they now mostly work from homes, particularly in Chennai, they save too much time by just cooking rice at home. For just Rs.80 or Rs.100/- they get everything else like the sambar, the rasam and the side dishes. They save massive amount of time.

    Now imagine a situation where the girl is an IT professional, but still has to cook for her husband and her in-laws. Once again, this is the traditional role. The new "imagination" will relate to the new scenario: can she order food for the entire family? Now, imagine the empowerment.

    In my opinion, we need to let our imagination run wild; we need wider choices on how to live; how to make money; how to enjoy life and so on. The young professionals are streets ahead here. Let us just learn from them.

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    Given the circumstances and nature of life to live on daily basis there cannot be wild imagination as we have to be responsible to the selves and also to others who are very much dependent on us. How can there be wider choices to live given the fixed income and there is no other go to have the hand to mouth existence. The author is probably not aware that the middle class is most battered these days and they are sulking to seek help and yet live the graceful life because it has become the habit for them to adjust within what the get and what they have. How to make new ways for more money is not in the thinking line of many as they are happy to retain the present job even at the cut salaries post covid sitaution and thus extravagant enjoyment and living lavish has gone for a six in the recent past and many are living a just life and that is sure short answer to the author.
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    Understanding each other and accommodating others by an adjustment is always required for a happy married life. By sharing the household work also the husband proved that he has a lot of caring for his wife. The wife by seeing the recipes from youtube jointly with her husband and making the dishes as per the liking of her husband and never forced what he learnt from her mother. This shows how they both respected each other.
    Probably the couple very curious to know new dishes and taste them instead of going for traditional food. Both of them may have a liking for new generation dishes. So they imagined that some recipes given in youtube are good and made that. A good couple and lucky that they have that much time to spend in making a new curry.
    A couple will have a happy married life when they understand each other well and take all the required care to see that the other person is happy. I think the example given by the author is one of such couples.

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    When did you last let your imagination run wild?
    Is there any relevant response posted by the members with an answer to When?
    According to me, every day our imagination run wild as to how to make more money, where to go and spend our holiday, which hotel should we visit to enjoy food, etc. There is no end to imagination in life. We dream every day for a beautiful day.

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    Exactly. We always imagine big things and forget the most important things; the younger generation for whom resources is just not a constraint have got their act right to imagine both the big and small things. The big banks chase them and the investment advisors guide them to maximum profits through mutual funds and investment in share markets.

    In the case under reference the " imagination" refers to the exact mechanics of how to enjoy a good day; for example, the finer details of the tacit understanding that there will only be appreciation and not criticcism.

    In how many traditional families do you get to see this Sir? The man even be an Executive Director and the wife maybe a teacher; yet the traditional stereotypes take over. We do not get to see the type of caring and sharing I have talked about. This, in my opinion, is a big difference.

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    It should be clear that imagination is only the first step. The broader details always pertain to the execution of the plans. For example, a company can imagine that it will have world-class Total Quality Management practices. However, the "how" will start right from engaging the best of TQM experts to get it going. It is going to be tough and any organization may take even 60 months to reach a stage of some perfection.

    The same is applicable to any situation. When we run our imagination to run wild, we come up with bigger solutions. There are gaps in markets superbly addressed by entrepreneurs for example. Want to get a very good churidhar stitched and delivered within a day or two? Go to T.Nagar Chennai and get it done. The "imagination" of the tailor, who is a professional to get this done ,is the key here. I can go on giving examples, but this is not an article.

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    The essence of the post seems to be as how to live a peaceful married life with cooperating with each other and ignoring the shortcoming and deficiencies in other's work and rather help him or her to achieve the common target or complete the household task or any other creative activity and instead of feeling bored on weekdays search some work in the house and enjoy life in an amicable way. This seems to be an idle situation and very few married couple would be able to achieve such an atmosphere in ones household and that is why the author has been impressed much by that and shared it with us. I am also impressed and influenced by the close cooperation shown between the couple and I fully agree that if there is mutual respect and cooperation the house can become a place of continuous happiness. In such a situation they can go for any project or task whether by learning from Youtube or from their own imagination.
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    Enjoyment of married life would depend upon how the couples are understanding each other apart from sharing and caring. Reliability is an important factor adherence to the same keep their married tied. Though there should exist a full faith between them, it does not mean that that they cannot have the separate imagination. Imagination is a kind of nerve talking and wild imagination is essential to refresh themselves. This may be any in any form and one would not like to have interference while enjoying such imaginations even though they are couples. Their concious level has not diminished and are well aware of their limitations and responsibilities. They are doing the jobs in that directions and when the time permits, they go in wild imaginations to derive pleasure.

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