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    Justice needs money. Do you agree or disagree?

    To seek justice, we go to the courts. To file a case, we need a lawyer to represent our case. The lawyer charges fees to file the case. The fees depend upon the court and the status of the lawyer.

    An ordinary person can go to a session court by hiring a lawyer paying a few hundred rupees. The person will have to satisfy with the judgement passed by the lower court. If not satisfied with the verdict, they need to approach the higher court (say High Court). The lawyers of the High Court would be charging fees in thousands which an ordinary person won't be able to pay. They will have to satisfy with the HC judgement.

    If a middle-class person who can afford to pay the High Court lawyers in thousands will have to satisfy with the judgement passed by the High Court. They may not be financially wealthy to pay the lawyers of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court lawyers charge heavily in lakhs. Therefore, only the rich and affordable can seek justice from the Supreme Court.

    My conclusion is - if you are not rich, you cannot go to the High court or supreme court, but be satisfied with the verdict of the lower courts.

    Justice needs money. Do you agree or disagree?
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    It is truth that lots of money has to be spent for the court cases and more than the money it is the time wasted on every date they call for arguments and other reasons. Justice does not come free and one has to shell down the money like water. Right from the surety amount to be deposited in court for getting the bail, and up to the final verdict and release from the court of law is time consuming and hectic. Once a Keralite has fought the case for 25 years and on the final day of the verdict media were called and briefed about the case and the outcome. Media people were curious to know the result from the case winner. He simply said the following sentence that " Kassokkam Poyi kessokkam manasilayo" that means so much money has gone to drain and now came to know what is the case.
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    The criteria for paying such heavy fees depends on the what kind of case you have put as an individual or as a customer, an employee and the final benefit associated with when the judgement is in your favour.

    Some people really raise a case file expecting that the court will give justice but it in the real essence it's all the paper work which matters. It can change the four corners of the entire case.
    It is better to solve with mutual understanding than entering into cases which not only consumes years together but also buries our pockets.

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    Justice Gupta, who retired on Wednesday, said, "In the present day and age judges cannot live in ivory towers but must be aware of what is happening in the world around them. The scales of justice to be really equal, must, in fact, be balanced in such a way that the poor and the underprivileged are not denied justice. Our laws and our legal system are totally geared in favour of the rich and the powerful. If somebody who is rich and powerful is behind bars then time and again, he will approach the higher courts during the pendency of the trial till some day he obtains an order that his trial should be expedited. This is done at the cost of the poor litigant whose trial gets further delayed because he cannot approach the higher court,".

    The question the author has raised is on the right target and the same justice Gupta has pointed out.

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    It is always noticed that the poor get deprived of not only justice but also their rights as a citizen in most forms which goes invisible, hardly could be rectified and supported.
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    This is a very thought provoking thread and it is very true that only rich have access to justice. Our judicial system is very complicated, full of procedures, and takes immense time in finalising a case. There are many instances that the complainant died during the course of proceedings and has seen even many judges also retiring and case is given to another judge. So it is a tortuous route and many wise people try to settle the dispute out of the court wherever it is feasible to do so. Many people in their excitement go to the court but suffer financially and mentally. It is better to avoid going to a court as far as possible as it is a path of wealth destruction and creates mental torture in the concerned people. But sometimes it is inevitable and we get trapped in it.
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    Money makes many things. Money may make an innocent as a culprit and it may make a culprit as an innocent. A rich man is driving the car. His driver is by the side. An accident took place. The court punished the driver as the rich man said that his driver is only driving the car. The driver accepted the same as the rich man gave him some money for the driver to make him accept the proposal. This is the power of money.
    As mentioned by the author, to go a court for the justice you may have to spend money. But if you are really got deceived by somebody and if you lawyers can prove that in the court, all your expenses may come back. But the problem is by hiring a good lawyer by paying him a good amount of money, the real facts may be hidden. Then the real sufferer will further suffer. This is the irony in our system. I know people who suffered like this and lost a huge amount of money in the entire bargain.
    Justice is costly and justice will be always with the rich people.

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