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    If we had a tail...?

    How life would be different if we had a tail. This question struck my mind when I listened to an Urdu poet. Our lifestyle, attire, fashion, trends, even food and cosmetics would be somewhat different from what we have today.

    Female would preen and decorate their tails with flowers, Scrunchie, fancy ribbon and other tail accessories to look more attractive. They would clean their tail with "Fair & Lovely Tail shampoo or Garnier's Tail-wash".

    Thickness and length of tail would be smartness of man whereas slimness and girth would be the beauty of a woman. Companies would produce special products for the tail. Models would walk on the ramp swishing their tails.
    Female would move their tail horizontally like a snake whereas male would move it vertically as lashing to show their love.

    Covering tail would be a matter of discussion. In India, women would be known for covering their tails. Western culture would allow women to expose their beauty of tail. Censor board would cut those scenes where the tail would be exposed in movies and Women's organisations would protest against it as " Freedom for tail". It would be considered a violation of personal liberty and freedom of expression.

    People would raise their tail instead of hand. Political leaders would join their tails to show their pre-poll alliance. Friends would shake-tail instead of shake-hand. While playing cricket match Bowler would appeal to umpire raising his tail straight up and the umpire would raise his tail if the batsman would be out and the bowler would wag his tail roundly after taking a wicket whereas All players would shake their tails in happiness. And the fans would raise their tails up and down.

    Intelligent students of the class would raise their tail instead of hands in class when the teacher would ask them " Who can solve this question?"

    Keeping tail up would be considered as the sign of confidence and moving tail high would be a sign of arrogance whereas tail down before elders would be a sign of respect to them and shrinking the tail would be a sign of fear. Tail in the tail would replace hand in hand for friends and lovers.
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    A very good thought on the tail for men and women which will entail everyone to care their tail. It will make a great change in our lifestyle. Generally, tail is only for the four-legged creatures. But for the two legged human beings, it would be a great advantage. Its use would be peculiar. But caring would be little difficult as it is located on the rear side.

    My special appreciation for your peculiar thoughts.

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    It is scientifically believed that the tail disappeared during human evolution and the bottom most vertebra in the human beings is the reminecient of that. Why the evolutionary processes discarded tail is a scientific puzzle and it is believed that from the time of the apes itself, who are thought to be our predecessors, the utility of tail ended as the maneuverability in the body and standing up postures started to build in the apes which culminated in erect humans later.
    Yes, it would had been a big fun if humans could preserve their tails during the large evolutionary times ranging in million years and all that would happen which the author has very nicely and amusingly presented in this post.

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    If we had the tail, my imagination goes wild as the tail would be used for many reasons and help. That how to conceal the tail from others would be the extra care we take because those who are close to us may tease by pulling the tail and that would be great embarrassment and risk too. Come Deepavali some may even try to tie crackers to see the amused and challenging action of us when the crackers keep bursting and that would be very risky to life. That secret passing of information can now be made through tail language as in the class room the tail would not be visible to the teacher and thus activities of close bonding also possible. Tail would be a sure hindrance to the two wheeler and four wheeler users and for that separate seat has to be designed to make a hole in middle to have the comfortable sit.
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    Such a great imagination explained in detail! The thought that struck my mind was, we will not be able to sleep on our backside down posture due to our tails. Or maybe our mattresses would be designed that way to accommodate our tails while sleeping. The tailor's tasks would be increased as they will need to take the measurement of tails also.

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    What an imagination. If we have a tail. Even now many human beings behave like monkeys and the only difference is the tail. If we have that also we will be equal to a monkey in all respects. I remember in my childhood elders commenting on some children saying that tail is only less. They mean to say that the person is the same as a monkey except for the tail.
    If there is a tail to us how our trousers will be. We have to have a small opening for the tail to come out of the trouser. Different designs may be derived for these openings also.
    All people will look like Rama Dandu only. But we may be mentally more mature than a monkey even though we have a tail.
    My full appreciations to the author for his imagination and narration of the entire thread.

    always confident

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