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    Do you enjoy Mr. Bean's comedy shows? How do you rate it?

    I love watching Mr. Bean's comedy shows. I forget my worries when I watch it. Do you also watch his funny shows? How do you rate his shows? Write a few words about this funny actor.
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    Mr Bean's comedy shows are popular worldwide and many people see them again and again. Without dialogues, just by expressions and actions Mr Bean does so many hilarious acts that one cannot control ones laughter. I have seen many shows and many episodes of this interesting serial and there are CDs also available in market. During its first release it was much popular in some of the countries and was a fad in its own way.
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    The author said rightly, we are all well aware of Mr. Bean's comedy antics, without saying anything Mr. Bean has been continuously making people laugh through animation, film, and daily soap for the last two decades. Who can forget the favorite show Mr. Bean, actor Rowan Atkinson, who played Mr. Bean in that famous show, has always been known for his wonderful acting. With the help of only background music, the voice and movements of this voiceless character are such that anyone can laugh and laugh. Sometimes the situation is that people laugh with his face.

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    Mr Bean's comedy shows are very popular and many people watch this show. The way in which he makes people to laugh is very special. His body languages also make us laugh sometimes and without uttering a single word he will make us laugh.
    There are some comedy shows in our regional language Telugu also. But they are not much impressive. The comedy shows should make us laugh happily. But some comedy shows are never liked.

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    Mr Bean has been so popular with the audience that once it appears on the screen, his gesture will make us laugh. Though he looks simple but still his body language seems to be very appealing and one cannot arrest his laughing.
    I have witnessed his shows repeatedly so as not to forget this personality. In one of the scenes, this gentleman was in a hurry to reach his office having no time to shave and brushing his teeth and finally he has to wear the office dresses. He managed everything while driving the car on way to his office in such a way that you cannot arrest your laughing though he would maintain his neutral face in course of acting. He is definitely a versatile charecter and the new entrants should follow his gestures.

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    Me Bean is an amazing character who laughs every viewer. He brings smile in everyone's lips. His face expressions are quite hilarious. I have seen him a number of times.

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    Very amazing and arresting character Mr Beans would not only entertain you but also removes the stress of the day through the comedy of errors committed through his act. I love his acting inside the church prayer hall where he tries to sing with others the prayer but faults every time with the sync and that was awesome. His each episode is unique and his acting is superlative. Even the Beans cartoon character is lovable to watch again and again. Sometimes I feel many of us are in the shoes of Beans as his every act end with comedy and tragedy. Nevertheless his episodes are so enjoyable for the children and the elders. His face expression was awesome and we split into laughter when we see the laundry episode as through comedy of errors he makes us to laugh and laugh again. I feel connected to his problems sometimes being done by me also.
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