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    ATM machine as a messenger?

    A soldier used to go the closeby ATM centre daily to draw Rs.100/- on a daily basis. This action was observed by the other soldiers and one fine day, another soldier asked him as to why he was drawing such a small amount daily. He said that " his mother will get the message from the bank whenever he draws the money". This was an imdication that he was alive.

    Did you read the story? Can this really work? Are the soldiers given time to move about daily from their camp? So here ATM machine is his fastest messenger to reach his mother. How beautifully the message passess on... this way we have seen in a few films too. What is your opinion on this story?
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    Wow really amused the way the soldier has been informing his mother that he was alive as the daily sms from the ATM withdraw would give the indication that all is well at the armed forces camp the she need not worry. Surely the parents would be most worried when their children are the borders risking their lives from the vagaries of nature and also at the hands of enemy overtures. It is the fact that every mother would be more worried to have the contacts on daily basis but the network and strict rules from army may not allow the access to communication and thus this idea of withdraw of hundred rupees daily testifies the fact that the her son is alive and keep going. Parents should have the mental peace because they feel the bonding lost when the children are away especially when they are not married and at the borders.
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    I heard this story. I think one or two months before this news was wild on social media. I think the ATM will be near their camp only. Their salaries will be credited into their accounts and they have to draw from their accounts. So definitely banks and the ATMs will be reachable to home. When they have some time they may go and draw the money as required.
    When our people are difficult situations, we will be eager to know about their well being. It is very natural. When there is no other way, the soldiers might have selected this way. His thought of going to ATM daily will speak about the love and affection he has towards his mother. If there is not news his mother may be anxious and that may not be good for the health of the mother. That is why he might have selected this way. We should appreciate him for his love towards his mother as well as his motherland.

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    ATM is not available on our borders. If ATM was there, he could have a mobile phone with him to communicate with his family. He could have used the missed call facility to tell his family that he is alive. The soldier must be from a city camp away from the border. This is totally a misuse of the facility. This is the reason why banks have limited the number of transactions to three/five per month after which every transaction would be charged. I am sure, the soldier won't be doing the same now.
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    We do not know how much truth is there in this but if the soldier did it the it is an indirect way to send ones welfare to ones home by keeping the bank registered mobile number with mother at the home. In social media nowadays many stories are floating and we do not know how true they are. People upload something for the fun of it only to find that lakhs of people are seeing it and forwarding it.
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    It is fare or unfare, even though the bank would charge him for his withdrawals, one question which lingered in my mind was why did he choose Rs.100/- and not any other denomination.
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    I had read this many months ago. I think it as a creative extension of blending of fact , fiction and possibilities.

    Rational analysis may not satisfy in answering many doubts. There are many ifs and buts. But let us take the underlying message and sentiment in it.

    Even we can use this at some rare needy situation. So let us keep it in our database in mind.

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    Whether the bank would charge him extra money for daily using the ATM , the solace mother gets on being known that her son is safe is more than enough for the soldier as he need not even respond through letters.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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