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    Member rank showing zero. Whats happening at ISC ?

    When I tried to refresh the page after visiting the dash board I stumbled upon to see my member ranking stating zero. This prompted me to raise this thread. Is the site under reconstruction and making changes in member ranking profiles, Is there attempt from other enemy site to stop the process of our ranking surge, do our webmasters are aware of this happening? And all these questions would certainly raise in the minds of members. Surely our webmaster must be informed about this to set right the glitch if it was the system failure.
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    After seeing this thread I just visited my dashboard and it is showing rank '0'. Same may be the case with all other members also. I think the site admin knows about this and they may be attending to the same. There may be some recalculation is going on and new ranks may be given to the members as per the new evaluation system. I think nothing to worry. It may be an intentional act only but something unknown to the admin. In my opinion by a day or two again member rankings will be given to the members like earlier.
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    True. Members' rank has been zeroed. Something might have gone wrong. ISC must be working on it. If not, ISC should look into this defect and get it rectified.
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    Thanks for the alert. We will check with the admin. From time to time there is an update done so that may have affected the ranking system.
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    It is not understood why members are raising multiple threads on the same issue. Surely a quick check would show it has already been raised.

    The Webmasters have confirmed that this is for the first time that when the re-setting happens every Sunday, the system did not work properly and that is why the ranks show as zero for everyone. They will be resetting the feature in due course of time, so please be patient.

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    I have also noticed. Probably ISC going to evaluate the ranks with special method.

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    Thanks for noting the glitch and hope webmaster Tony would fix it soon.
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    I just noticed it in the morning and thought my rank has become zero due to less participation so didn't give it a thought but after seeing the threads on the same I got it that it's a glitch and will get amended soon by the administrator.

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    I was also shocked to see that, it is now clear. Thank you for the updated messages.
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