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    Suicide is a cowardly act: Think before you do it

    From reclining couches to the most difficult situations in life, nature brings many experiences in life-some are sweet that one wishes to cherish whole life and some are bitter that a person wishes to erase the memory of all such events. When such events become more intense, a person at times thinks of the extreme step of ending life.

    Though life puts us in the most difficult situations at times and one feels helpless at it; instead of taking to the extreme step, one can seek help from a near and dear one. Right, those strenuous times put a person devastated and one feels difficult to return to his/ber normal life but one's life shakes the entire family, friends and near and dear one's. At such times, courage and patience are needed and it fills a person with positivity provides peace of mind. If there is one negative thing going in your life, there may be many other positive and sweet stuff that may lift your confidence. Suicide is a cowardly act, brave always look optimistic despite problems in life.

    Life will become a peaceful journey when a person embraces optimism and shun the negativity!
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    Agreed. Suicide is a cowardly act. This is very well known. Death is not the solution to any problem. For every problem, there will be a solution. The solution will never be death for any problem.
    This life is a gift of God. We will have booths days and nights in this journey. One should never expect always daytime only. No life is a bed of roses. The bed will contain roses as well as thorns also on the bed. How you avoid those thorns when you are walking is your preragorative. If we worry about these thorns, we will miss roses also. So you have to plan your journey in such a way that you will avoid thorns and enjoy roses.
    Always be optimistic. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and never allow negativity to enter into your mind. Then you will be happy and never suicide will come into your mind and thoughts.

    always confident

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    A man who was extremely rich but life took the turn and snatched everything that he had. He lost all his business and came on the street. He had no job, no money and almost all of his friends who would he spend his money on with open hands had disappeared. When all doors of hope were found closed, he decided to commit suicide. He went to Narora dam, stood on the railing to jump into the roaring flow of water. He closed his eyes in the last moments. All the picture of his life was moving in his mind quickly. All of a sudden a thought pierced into his heart "What will happen with my young and lovely daughters after me" (He has four daughters and no son). This thought stopped him to jump. He opened his eyes. When he glanced again at the roaring flow of water his body began to tremble. He was about to fall that he pulled his body back with full force and he fell on the bridge and kept on lying for a few minutes. Now he was almost gasping.

    Nowadays he runs a small shop in the market. He is raising his daughters with more love and care. He is a friend of my elder brother.

    We can easily say that committing suicide is a cowardly act and it sounds cowardly act too but thinks for a moment what the stage of depression is and what the level of hopelessness is that the person decides to kill himself. He has no solution to his problems and he finds death is better than life.

    I feel sympathy for such a person, what unbearable circumstances he might have faced. What was going on in his mind in the last few moments? How he would have taken the last leap towards death. Nobody can imagine. If someone does it to experience those last moments he would not come back to share his experience.

    May God protect all of us from such an extreme step.

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    Any person commits suicide when he or she makes an attempt 1000 times within their mind, courage to go for the real attempt is set after so many efforts. A normal person may lead his life the fullest but wouldn't have completed the number in their minds.

    When ever a person gets a shoulder to share his sorrows, shares his thoughts, cleanses his mind through tears, would hardly make an attempt. So every person who fall prey to lonliness, anger, high temper should be supported by family members.

    Lead the leader

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    I agree with the author . But what to do when you cannot discuss the issue with near and dear ones and have to take the extreme step. In my life too I have thought many times to end up my life as sometimes I feel lots of pressure in handling the responsibilty but don't know unknown force stops me to do it. Also I am scared of committing the suicide . I am not that much brave to end my life myself. People who that are courageous.

    It's sad that people run from their responsibilty and take such a step leaving behind their family alone in pain. Life is beautiful one must live it and never think of taking such an extreme step.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Yes it is the fact that those who are not confident about themselves and feel like disowned by others are bound to have the suicide tendency and little counseling to them would change their state of mind. Some people are so weak in their thinking process that even at small failures they would feel dejected and moved from the rest of the people and that feeling of loneliness would given rise to thoughts of suicide. When there are opportunity galore available to us all through the day and life, why there should be a suicide thought. Setbacks and challenging situation comes to all and we must be strong enough to have good control of the situation otherwise the circumstances would over ride our thoughts to the bad doing of suicide. Such persons need to be carefully watched and given the push to have the good life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Suicide is a cowardly act, there is no denying for it. But if we go through the anatomy of a suicide case then the person who does it does not think in this way that it is a cowardly act or something of that nature. He has a different mindset. He is doing it in an extremely difficult condition where he sees no way out and then gives her life for closing the chapter where he feels that more difficulties and troubles are on the anvil. So understanding the psychology of a person who is having a clear and firm thought for suicide is also required and society as well as Govt has a role to prevent it by providing equal opportunity of growth to all the people in the country so that people get engaged in jobs and get occupied and do not get such bizarre thoughts of suicide. Empty mind is devil's workshop and suicide is the most sought game of devilish aspirations.
    Knowledge is power.

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