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    Covid alert is for us only and not for others

    Invariably I am seeing many do not follow the alerts given by Government in connection with covid. They ignore social distance and mask wearing.
    I travelled in train to Madurai on an exigency but worried to see that the train is full of passengers and many of them without mask. Of course many stations do not have shops opened it is somewhat consoling. I met a person known to me in Chennai railway station who found without mask and asked about this. He replied that he did so as not having any infectious disease. I told him that wearing mask and other alerts not for spreading infection to others but also not to get infection from others.
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    One of my distinct relatives of mine travelled from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam on a train. He took all the necessary care and travelled. But unfortunately, after coming back he was tested positive for COVD19. He was quarantined in the house and medicines were administered and now he is OK and he tested negative now. This is how the people who will not follow the precautions making others suffer. This is mainly irresponsibility and they are not having respect for the health of other people.
    These days we are seeing many people on the roads without any masks. The other day the Telanagana government started giving Rs.10.000/- to flood effected house owners. On that day we see such a big crowd near e -seva centres. No masks, no social distances and no sanitizers.
    Same is the case in many common places and people completely forgot about COVID 19. There are many chances there may be an increase in the number of cases again.

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    This is really very strange that in spite of Govt announcing and requesting people to take care many of us are in no mood to follow it. Why people are behaving in such an irresponsible manner is not known. If we do not adhere to the basic precautionary measures then we are playing with our health as well as other's health. Only people who have some work urgency in connection with their job should go out.
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    Despite numerous instructions from the side of the Government, there is no positive response from the side of public regarding the safety measures to be followed. Even at this advanced stage of its spread of the virus, they are taking it casually. They even move to farther places by taking up train journey without wearing the masks and maintaining the safe distance. They are of the opinion that their body is immune proof and in no way, they are to be affected from the corona virus.
    Such an attitude has caused more harm not only to them but the public coming under their contact have met with the similar fate. How long they they would maintain aversion from this phase is not known to us.

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    I agree with the author that all precautions for protection from coronavirus are for "me". If everybody starts thinking in this way and start taking all precautions and all required or suggested pre-emptive steps, soon, everybody will start using a mask and keeping distance while having interaction with others. This coronavirus will not spread around us and no person will get infected.

    I like that the author that he reminded his friend about using a mask. It's our responsibility to warn our family members and suggest our friends and acquaintances that all of them use a mask. Hope we will be able to stop infection of this virus.

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