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    Living life is also an art.

    When dreams of life are ours, then our efforts should also be ours. When we have to reach, then the journey should also be ours. But the truth is that this journey of life is not straightforward and easy, there are sorrows, problems, struggles, and trials.

    In such a situation, keeping yourself alert and balanced in every situation, and the atmosphere is really an art. Living it successfully is an art. Never leave your enthusiasm and opportunity to praise others.

    Living life is also an art, if we live this life like an Art-Work then a very beautiful life can be lived. At present when there is an atmosphere of unrest and uneasiness all around. In such a situation, everyone wants to learn the art of living with peace. Life is priceless, life is a journey, Life is a constant effort.
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    You think that life is an art but someone might have another opinion that Life is a journey, some other person may opine that life is a mystery. Life is a unique entity which has all colours- love, affection, emotions, feelings, kindness, compassion, enmity, friendship, happiness, sadness, anger, zeal, dullness etc. Every moment life takes a turn -which side it takes a turn, can't be predicted.
    This life can be heaven and this heaven can be changed into Hell. Who causes this topsy-turvy it's, undoubtedly, us who do all changes. Life is beautiful, so let it be beautiful, let not make it awful and unpleasant.

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    Life is a journey. How you plan your journey and how you make it comfortable is your lookout. You can design your journey and you can move forward. Some people prefer going on flights and somebody in their own vehicle. But whatever way you plan and implement some times we will get unplanned obstructions in our journey. But taking those obstructions also positively and enjoying in solving those problems will make your life very happy. We should never get nervous when we get such problems and face them bravely. That will make our life challenging and give you a lot of satisfaction and happiness in your life.
    always confident

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    Surely living is a great art and not everybody accustomed to it. That is living the great life without asking for more or less and adjusting with the given circumstances, not demanding more and yet posing to be contended within the frame work of great living ethics and thus a person who sports to be contended on what he has and living within the available resources, without complaining for more is called the wise man to lead the happy and contended life. Not everyone comes in this groove because on seeing the progress of others, we tend to ape and ask for more than the guaranteed life and thereby creating hurdles and stumbling blocks for our own progress. I have seen that those who are contended with their lives are very happy because they are living within the drawn circle and not having the Dil Maange more syndrome.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is certainly interesting and you would notice the same as an interesting journey if you have the positive vibes and you want to move forward with a mission to serve the mankind with your dedication. Serving the mankind is of different forms such as donating sweaters, clothes, blankets to poors in the winter so that they can have some comforts from your end. The pleasure by doing so can be felt by yourself and such an act can offer you true form of satisfaction. Any job being carried out with full dedication is also a kind of serving mankind. Hence we should have that dedicated spirit to sustain our activities for the larger interest of the societies. Doing jobs for the people would alleviate our negative thinking and that is the plus point with such an involvement.

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    Life is a difficult journey with so many unknown factors and so many unknown events which are still to get unfathomed themselves. So every step we move ahead we meet new situations and new challenges. Sometimes we succeed but many times we fail also. To have a peaceful and happy life in spite of so many odds is not an easy thing to achieve and that is why it is said that living a fruitful and satisfying life is an art and very few people are able to achieve it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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