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    Big enemies Tom and Jerry are coming back on the big screen.

    The most popular short TV series of the 90s, Tom and Jerry, is set to hit the big screen after 16 years. Viewers will be able to watch a game of mouse cat in theaters on the big screen this time. This will be the first time the film will be released on the big screen with a new story centered around Tom Andy Jerry. The magic of Tom and Jerry is now being brought back years later. The anime of the film will be seen in animation while the rest of the human characters will be seen acting in reality. The Tom and Jerry TV series was loved so much that it became the most-watched TV series of its time and now the new story in the film is going to be seen by the audience.
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    It is good to note that the most popular short TV series of the 90s, Tom and Jerry, is coming as a movie and hitting the bring screens. I feel this will become a big hit. Thanks to the author for the information.
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    Whether elders or children, youth or grown up, who can resist the ever chasing and non sense doing of Tom and Jerry cartoon characters which captivated the likes of many and if the same is coming on big screen means that would be a double yummy treat for the children who like these characters very much. The way Tom plans to trap the Jerry and over smart Jerry gives the miss is the creative idea of the creator who keeps the tempo of good fun and enjoyment and sometimes we connect the Tom life to our lives and the ordeal faced by it is like human being. Nevertheless Tom and Jerry cartoons are having a message in every episode and if the same is shown as the movie then the connectivity to those characters would be whole some and enjoyable to the core. I am waiting for the movie to be released.
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    Yes I am eagerly waiting to see the movie with my kids. I love to see the same excitement in the eyes of my kids too. It brings back my childhood memories and thus could be a great opportunity to share those memories with my kids. Recreating some nostalgic events of our life are always welcomed with great enthusiasm. Hope they meet our expectations.
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    Whenever movies are made with the already well known characters especially the animal ones then generally people take their children to view it and it is a family pleasure to go for such a movie viewing. These characters sit in the minds of people as they were there in the TV shows for quite long and always thrilled the audience whether children or adults. Let us see how this movie fares.
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    I am sure, the film in the cinema theatres big screen will attract the children. It is going to be a botheration for the parents who need to keep their pocket filled with cash to pay for the ticket and the popcorn packets and cokes. Tom and Jerry is expected to make a good revenue for the producers.
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    This is an interesting news and children will be very happy to see them on the big screen. Many adults who were once addicted to these serials viewing them along with their children will also feel happy and excited.
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